Art lovers in Sydney have always been well catered for – there is a wide abundance of both private and public galleries in the city, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the sumptuous Art Gallery of New South Wales. These galleries represent the very frontier of both modern and traditional art but, as the summer approaches, why not appreciate the strokes, the surreal and the sculptures from out in the sunshine?

The Sculpture By The Sea exhibition represents the perfect chance to do just that, as the outdoor art extravaganza returns for its 18th year. By hiring a car from East Coast Car Rentals, you'll be able to either park up nearby to where the exhibition starts and take a leisurely walk, or even take a cruise along the glorious etching of coast where the sculptures are situated.  

A diverse range of sculptures and still life artworks have sprung up along the Sydney coastline, attracting legions of admirers worldwide. Running until 9th November, Sculpture By The Sea will showcase over 100 pieces by artists from Australia, the Aborigine population and every far flung corner of the world. What's more, 37 of these pieces are cast from the hands of debut exhibitors, giving you the chance to view, first hand, something fresh, original and new. Stretching from the famous Bondi Beach to Tamarama, you can take in a coastal walk of two kilometres filled with intricate artworks and, get this – it's completely free.

The exhibition starts at Notts Avenue, which runs off Campbell Parade at Bondi Beach, and follows a path through golden sands and verdant parks, ending up in Tamarama. There are observatory stairs dotted along various locations on its length, including Hunter Park, Gaerloch Avenue and Pacific Avenue. As well as simply viewing the works, there is also the chance to meet the artist behind selected pieces. Look out for the orange beanbags scattered near a participating artwork, take a seat and discover the inspiration, creative processes and themes behind each piece. If you have children with you, all the better, as a number of the works along the route are fully interactive, especially at the end opposite the Tamarama playground. 

If, perchance, the rain decides to come out to play then there is always 'Sculpture Inside', a tiny exhibition coinciding with the main event. Well respected as an art spectacle in its own right, Sculpture Inside is found in the marquee at Mark's Park in Tamarama, and represents a glowing opportunity to purchase an original piece of something different for your mantelpiece, as emerging artists and old masters come together to flaunt their best wares.