Christmas is just around the corner, and Sydney is gearing up its preparations for the festive period in spectacular fashion. The Lights of Christmas show is set to illuminate St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney's oldest and most elegant place of worship, from Tuesday 9 September right up to Christmas Day itself. By hiring a vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals, you can pay a visit to this astonishing event, alongside its accompanying choir, perhaps taking a moment to see the sights and sounds of this global city during your stay.

Choir performance

Each evening starts off with a choir performance at 7:30pm. Heavenly tones will emanate from the cathedral at about an hour before the light show starts, so get there early to ensure a prime viewing spot. St. Mary's is a large building, though, so wherever you stand, you'll be sure to be transfixed by the multitude of colours, images and murals projected onto the grandiose walls of the cathedral.

To add a little variety to the choir show, a diverse range of groups will perform. In 2013, there were no fewer than eight different choirs that took to the airwaves, each bringing their own unique style to traditional hymns such as 'Silent Night' and 'O Come All Ye Faithful'. Those groups included the Australian Girls Choir, the Sydney Street Choir and the Overcommitment Choir who performed for an hour, finishing just as the light show began – try not to miss this transition, as the first images are just a small taste of what is to come.

Lights of Christmas

At 8:30pm each evening for the full duration of the Light of Christmas' run, St. Mary's Cathedral will be bathed in the glow of an astounding projection of messages and pictures, right the way through until midnight. It really is something other-worldly to behold, as three-dimensional images are thrust upon the ornate walls of the building. Indeed, the 75 metre high, 33 metre wide facade is completely covered in a visual story-telling extravaganza, displaying the traditional message of Christmas in a series of beautiful images. Not only that, the organisers have created a soundscape designed to accompany each image projected onto the cathedral, so you can immerse yourself in the story.   

The 2014 Lights of Christmas show is based around the theme of the '12 Days of Christmas', exploring light as a symbol of celebration and encompassing the Christmas ideals of peace, joy and goodwill. Additionally, the idea of 'service' is also highlighted, giving onlookers the chance to pay their respects to those that have given their time to serving the community and other honourable traits.

The Sydney Lights of Christmas show runs for over a fortnight, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to come and visit this festive light fantastic and really get into the Christmas spirit.