These days it can be relatively hard to pull surprises on your loved ones come holiday time. Everyone has perfectly crafted wish-lists of what presents they want to see under the tree Christmas morning. And even if you want to make them wait for the surprise, there’s still no hiding the unmistakable shape of a new cell phone’s packaging.

But we’ve got good news for you – you can get the element of surprise back this holiday season. Instead of wasting your money on loads of new merchandise this year, why not surprise the whole family with a road trip to the Gold Coast?

Because the holidays are all about spending time with family, we think there’s really no better time to pack everyone up in the Hyundai Imax and embark on your next great family road trip. We’re going to show you exactly how to pull off the surprise and what you should do on your trip. Let’s check it out.

Prep the car

First things first, your family might be itching to open presents on Christmas morning, so you’ll want to give them a little something to unwrap. Here’s what we suggest: Put the big red bow on top of your rental ride and instruct the family to head out to the driveway so they can pull the ribbon off together – there’s nothing better than watching giant ribbons unravel. Make sure everyone’s bags are packed and the car is stocked with snacks so you can hit the road right away – there’s tonnes to do in the Gold Coast so you won’t want to waste a minute.

Also consider actually getting everyone that new phone, this way they can take lots of pictures of the upcoming fun – just put the present on their designated road trip seat for a great start to the beginning of your journey.

kids in the back seat and boot of an SUV
Make sure the car is ready to go before you surprise everyone with this trip.

Hit the road 

Do your homework – map your route to the Gold Coast and see what surprises you can plan along the way. Maybe there are some amazing natural landmarks (and seeing as it’s Australia, there probably are a couple of cool things to do) or have the phones set up so everyone can start surfing for pit-stops they’d like to make before reaching the coast. Fill all the time in-between with road trip games that keep everyone occupied just in case there’s a little bit more distance from destination to destination.

The Gold Coast has its very own Christmas Markets.

Enjoy the Gold Coast 

Once you reach the end of your road trip you’ll have made it to the amazing Gold Coast – so you know the fun is just beginning. Spend some time lounging on the beach, and then head out on a whale watching cruise to see these majestic beasts spouting. You’ll find that this life is much more preferable to the usual holiday runaround that ensues every year.

Don’t lose the holiday spirit just because you’re away from home though! The Gold Coast has its very own Christmas Markets. Do a little bit of shipping under the twinkling lights, enjoy your favourite holiday treats, and even keep an eye out for Santa – he arrives not by sleigh, but rather by a very fashionable helicopter.

Need help pulling off the surprise? Just get in contact with East Coast Car Rentals staff and you’ll have your rented vehicle all set for that Christmas morning – they might even have some tips of what you can do along the way or when you get to the Gold Coast! There’s never a shortage of Christmas cheer with us.