If feeling peckish of a Friday evening, North Sydney is the place to be. Every Friday night, from early December to mid-March, the Twilight Food Fair is held in the Civic Centre Park. It's the ideal place to start a long weekend in the city, as you can experience the wide ranges of multicultural cuisines on offer, reflecting the cosmopolitan vibe of swinging Sydney, or, perhaps you fancy doing something different than the usual Friday night fare.

By hiring a vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals, take a ride up to the Twilight Food Fair and savour the flavours on display, or venture further afield once you've eaten your fill with a night drive through the stunning cityscape. 

Feed the world

The Twilight Food Fair, formerly known as the North Sydney Noodle Market, is held through the summer. An ever-popular fixture on the calendar, it's become a favourite of the North Shore's extensive cultural events program since its inception way back in 1990, with good reason. A full quota of food stalls, from countries found in every corner of the globe, jostle for your custom. Will it be a curry blended with enough fragrant spices and potent chillies to make your tongue sizzle, or a mild noodle dish created to gently kindle your sense of taste?

A melting pot of flavours, people and entertainment

The informal nature of the event means that it attracts people from all walks of life, each bringing their own unique sense of character and culture to proceedings. Bring along a picnic blanket, a few friends and a bottle of the good stuff, kick back and relax. Families, individuals, couples and groups of friends descend on Civic Centre Park for the food and vibe alike – the friendly impression of the North Sydney community gives the Twilight Food Fair a welcoming appeal.

Live music from local bands and entertainers inject a pulse of energy into the night, so if you fancy tearing up the turf with your dance moves after the feast, go right ahead. It's heartily encouraged!


Civic Centre Park is the perfect venue for such an event. Lush green lawns, paved pathways and a veritable arboretum of native and international trees form an idyllic setting for the Twilight Food Fair. An elegant fountain, picnic tables and a playground add to the classic nature of the Park and you'll find a multitude of conveniences too, from ample toilet facilities to an outdoor gym, if you're feeling the need to burn off those calories packed in at the Twilight Food Fair!