New South Wales is home to some of the most haunted locations in Australia. If you’re thinking about heading in our direction sometime soon, get your Sydney Airport car hire sorted, make sure you add the following spooky spots to your agenda and prepare to be scared!

Monte Cristo Homestead

Regarded as Australia’s most haunted house, the Monte Cristo Homestead is a must-see for those with a penchant for the supernatural. You can take a dinner tour of this beautiful Victorian house with 12 or more friends for just $125, or even stay the night if you dare. Rest assured, you will not actually be sleeping in one of the house’s many haunted rooms – but the ghost of Mrs Crawley, reclusive wife of the original owner, won’t be far away! Tours run throughout the year, and bookings are essential.

Redback Range Railway Tunnel

This nineteenth-century tunnel was in use until 1919 and has been home to many supernatural happenings since its creation. Tales of glowing lights, sudden drops in temperature and the appearance of a ghostly woman who was the victim of a train accident are all features of this terrifying tunnel, according to Paranormal Australia. It’s located on private property, so make sure you get permission to be there before you arm yourself with a torch and get ghost hunting!


Sydney Harbour National Park boasts the Quarantine Station, which also promises to have you shaking in your boots. A guide will take you on a lantern-lit walk around the station’s buildings – including the old hospital and morgue – and recount to you the disturbing history of this haunted haven, as well as “the strange things that have happened to former tour internees and visitors to the site”. This tour has been rated M16 – so you know it’s going to be freaky.