Are you a giggler, a wheezer, or a chortler? Whatever your laughing style, your humour muscle is sure to get a workout at the Brisbane Comedy Festival in 2014.

There are over 40 comedians coming together from around the world to take part in this event, so you are sure to find a gig right up your alley.

Make sure you book your car rental Brisbane wide now. That way, come February 25 – March 23 you will be totally prepared to get from location to location and won’t miss out on any of the laughs. If you’re flying in from out-of-state, we can also help you find a great deal on a Brisbane Airport car rental.

Whether you are after a dose of one-liners, satirical observations or improvisational comedy, there is guaranteed to be something to tickle your fancy. Here are some of the highlights you can expect to see at this festival.

The Pineapple Club

This is the first time ImproMafia will perform at the Brisbane Comedy Festival, but that is no reason not to expect some real joy from their show.

On Friday and Saturday nights of the festival, a team of spontaneous performers will take part in a retro improvised comedy show.

To vamp up the Turbine, the team will turn it into a cocktail lounge, with a retro vibe helped out by 70s glam accessories and the aid of a pianist.

Wil Anderson

No stranger to the Aussie comedy scene, Wil Anderson is a household name, so this show is sure to be a sell out.

His show, Willuminati, will feature the sparkling intellect, keen eye for hypocrisies and truths of modern life he is famous for.

While he has a huge influence on the Twittersphere, on radio and has racked up a significant number of followers of his podcast, it is stand up where this artist truly shines, so make sure you get your car rental in Brisbane organised now.

The Naked Magicians

Quite possibly the cheekiest magic show you will ever set your eyes on, this talented duo promise “full frontal illusions” as they get down to the bare bones of magic.

Weekend notes promise this show will be hilarious as well as sexy, so make sure you’re in town for their performances.

Stephen K Amos

UK favourite, this comedian will have you laughing out loud at the latest installments of his childhood stories.

Plan for plenty of audience interaction if you are going to attend this show, as well as for honest and original material sure to delight the audience.

Joel Creasey in Rock God

Described as an abomination by the Westboro Baptist Church and ‘a revelation’ by the Age, Joel Creasey has quickly garnered a cult fan following since he first appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

With comparisons between him and Graham Norton running rife, he has earned the nickname of Australia’s ‘Acid Tongue Prince’ and is bound to set audience’s hearts aflutter with his intelligent observations, pop-culture references and acerbic muses.

This show will be full of anecdotes about his run-ins with local politicians, football teams, celebrities and visits to regional towns as well as encounters with his parents.

Mel Buttle – Bring a plate

Mel was nominated for ‘best newcomer’ at the Melbourne International comedy festival in 2010 and the laughs haven’t stopped since for the third runner up of the 2012 Pedestrian Bachelorette of the Year.

Expect to see plenty of self-deprecation served up at a generous pace with the anecdotes flying left, right and centre.

Nick Cody – Here’s trouble

As one of the first Aussies to ever be invited to do stand up on US network Comedy Central, Nick Cody has fast been dubbed one of the rising stars in comedy.

He will regale of his near death experience with an Alaskan bear, his trip to Afghanistan to entertain the troops and the time he did a three-month alcohol detox.

Guess which activity he found the hardest? If you said the last one, you’d be right. Nick claims the first two were more fun after a couple of drinks under his belt.