It's no secret that Australia is an enormous country with a wildly-varying landscape. A never-ending array of scenery across such a vast expanse of land has ensured there are many weird and wonderful, naturally formed sights to seek out whilst out and about in your hire vehicle. Here are a few of the best:

Willandra Lakes region, New South Wales

The Willandra Lakes are a UNESCO World Heritage site, and with good reason. Found in the south west corner of New South Wales, this parched piece of land has seen some serious sun during its time. Far too arid and desolate to support habitation, there is nonetheless evidence that Willandra Lakes did host human life some 60,000 years ago.

So why not now?

Well, that's just it. Willandra Lakes are former bodies of water which dried up almost 20,000 years ago. Walking around the scorched bed of these ancient lakes certainly is a peculiar feeling, knowing that you'd be under several ton​nes of water not too far in the distant past. 

Hanging Rock, Victoria

Hanging Rock is perhaps more famous for lending its name and appearance to Joan Lindsey's memorable novel, Picnic at Hanging Rock, in which several children go missing from the eponymous landmark.

However, the Rock itself is well worth seeking out. Its unusual, intriguing shape teeters high above the sunken bowls of the Victorian bush, a sight well worthy of a photograph. It's unlike any other geological feature on Earth.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday, Queensland

How could the beautiful, swirling beach of Whitehaven in the Whitsundays feature on a list of Australia's most surreal sights? Simple.

Whitehaven is THE quintessential deserted beach. Its pastel skies, azure waters of blues and green and the soft, shimmering sands of its shoreline all add up to an absolute treat for the eyes. Australia has plenty of similar-sounding beaches, but at the northern end of Whitehaven, the ever-changing tides shift the sands around in a trippy kaleidoscope effect as green and blue meet yellow and white. Far out!

The Twelve Apostles, Victoria

Among Australia best-known natural features, the Twelve Apostles are huge limestone stacks that rise up to 45 metres above the isolated beach on which they stand. Though now only 8 'Apostles' remain, the others having fallen victim to the relentless pounding of the waves, they remain an intriguing, otherworldly sight. Best of all, they are viewed from the acclaimed Great Ocean Road, so you can take in their splendour whilst taking a leisurely trip along Australia most famous route.