Whether you just need some time away or are planning a honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary, there are plenty of activities to enjoy as a couple in Adelaide.

Here are a few exciting ventures guaranteed to bring you closer together and create beautiful memories.

Catch a sunset at Windy Point Lookout

Up here you can see the sun disappear into the horizon. This provides a spectacular view of the skyline – something you will not see anywhere else in this stunning city.

Visit the Morialta Conservation Park

Known for its rugged ridges, seasonal waterfalls and gully scenery, this location is the perfect spot to go strolling hand in hand with your loved one.

It is only 12 kilometres from the city centre, but you will be pleased you had the foresight to book your car rental Adelaide wide ahead of time!

When you arrive, make sure you look out for the first two falls as these are the biggest, cascading over quartzite cliffs after a spot of rain. These are at their most picturesque during the winter and spring months when it rains more heavily.

Wildlife lovers can peruse the park’s rock pools with an eye for frogs, birds and other small reptiles.

Tour a vineyard

Adelaide’s McLaren Vale is known for its delicious wines, particularly its flavoursome Shiraz varieties.

What better way to prepare for a romantic picnic or dinner for two than by selecting the perfect drop right from the source?

This location is also known for its food choices, with world class chefs making this region their home.

So, why not make the most of this earthy charm and see what really goes on in a vineyard?

Hot air balloon ride

Located in the Barossa Valley, you and your special someone could soon be flying high in a basket above beautiful countryside.

The Barossa Valley is only around an hour’s drive north-east of Adelaide and as well as being known for its delicious wines and food, it is a stunning landscape. You are guaranteed not to get bored after an hour above the ground in this location!

The Barossa Valley hot air balloon allows you to float out over the sunrise. There is nothing more romantic!

You can immerse yourself in nature and get a view of the wine country from above – that is not a common sight.

Thorndon Park

This secluded spot is often missed by travellers, but is a gorgeous watery spot where you can hide out from the world and spend time together, just the two of you.

If you take your time, you could spend a whole day here making the most of the relaxing experience and enjoying birdlife as well as other treats for the eyes.

Port Adelaide river cruise

Perfect for any special occasion or just an excuse to cuddle up with your partner, taking a river cruise along the Port Adelaide is a not to be missed opportunity.

The Port Princess Dolphin Cruise has been in business since the mid-1970s and offers visitors a chance to see Dolphins along the Port river, which has been declared a dolphin sanctuary by the South Australian Government.


This hamlet has retained its strong German heritage and features Fachwerk buildings as well as chic cafes, lolly shops, an old world ice creamery and more delicious restaurants than you could shake a stick at.

Located in the Adelaide hills, this is, in fact, the oldest surviving German settlement in the entire country.

It is only a 25 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD and can be accessed on the Southern Eastern Freeway.

While you are in town, make sure you go for a wander along the streets, or better yet, leave the car behind and hire a bicycle for a wee break.