It’s a great feeling to pack your boot full of bags, coolers and food, ready to set off into the Australian sunset and drive for hours on end. Road trips are always exciting – it’s like traveling without the shock of seeing expensive flights digging into your bank account. You get to experience a new place and best of all, share these memories with family and friends.

Of course, you would have packed all the essentials for while you’re on the road, such as U-shaped neck pillows, full-powered technology, earbuds and more. However, why not consider pulling out those earbuds and hooking up your awesome custom-made playlist to the car’s stereo system? There are plenty of songs that are perfect for the type of road trip you’re on, whether a girly girl retreat, an all-blokes fishing trip or even a fun-filled family fiesta. Here’s a list to help you find that one song that encapsulates your road trip for iconic, timeless memories.

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Type: A fun upbeat track that’s great to sing along to.

Occasion: Road tripping with your best buddies; people who you aren’t ashamed to act goofy in front of because you’ll know they’re equally as ‘a-dork-able’.

“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. But here’s my number, so call me, maybe…” This is a life-loving song to add to any road trip with friends. This former Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper garnered plenty of covers from the likes of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Ashley Tisdale, Katy Perry, Jimmy Fallon and even a manufactured President Obama video, many of which went viral. When you’re singing to this at the top of your lungs while zooming around Australia’s east coast, don’t forget to film it for some memorable laughs later on.

group of friends gathered together
Every group of friends needs to make a silly cover of this song.

Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift

Type: An all-girls trip.

Occasion: A pampering session for you and your sisters, mothers, cousins and any other lovely ladies you treasure.

Feel young, lively and free again as you and your best gal pals set off for an amazing weekend of indulgence. It’s reminiscent of spur-of-the-moment road trips, movie-quality sunsets and breezy cruises with all the windows down and your hair trailing behind you.


Hotel California – Eagles

Type: Trek with your mates.

Occasion: Drive out to a local fishing spot, for a relaxing afternoon filled with hearty laughter, silliness and beer.

While the women are away, you and your buddies decide to hire a car big enough to fit the lot of you, fishing rods and all. There’s plenty of coastlines you’re able to pull up around, swing a line out and relax in a camping chair with a beer in hand.

Cheers with two glasses of beer.
Saying cheers to an all-bloke’s road trip is the best way to start it off.

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Type: A song that everyone in your family should know.

Occasion: When you’re out on a family holiday and manage to drag your teenagers away from their digital devices and force them to sing along. Secretly, you both know that they enjoy it, though they’ll never admit it.

A lady hanging out of her car window
Don’t forget to save a memorable song for the drive home – this one should be perfect.

It’s something that you’ve played countless times around the house, and now, you’re making valuable memories with it. Whether young or mature, your whole family can engage in this Southern rock song. Use it for the drive home, after you’ve all bonded over a weekend of road-tripping fun, whilst enjoying the sights of native Australian bush and wildlife.