A 17-day-long music festival is heading to Queensland, and a Brisbane Domestic Airport car rental could be your key to experiencing the entire event.

Brisbane and 35 other regional centres, including Warwick, Mackay and Birdsville, will play host to a variety of acts between July 12 and July 28 as part of the Queensland Music Festival.

We think this presents the perfect opportunity to grab some friends and pack into our Brisbane city car rentals and go on your very own musical road-trip!

The ears of Queensland locals and visitors will be filled with the glorious sounds of regional, national and international musicians singing and playing their hearts out during this festival.

We suggest you give your ears a treat and join their number.

“It was our mission this year to gather as many different styles of music and performers as we could uncover,” said Queensland Music Festival artistic director James Morrison.

He said opera, country, swing, jazz, classical, world-music and pop performances have all been scheduled – so there will be something to suit everyone’s musical tastes.

Australian artists Tina Arena, Anthony Callea, Katie Noonan, Graeme Connors and Kate Miller-Heidke will all be showcasing their talents, as will classical musicians Simon Tedeschi and Ian Cooper.

For the classically inclined, the Queensland Youth Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Theatre Company and Opera Queensland are collaborating to create masterful performances that will blow your mind.

Finally, the World’s Biggest Orchestra challenge will be taking place in Brisbane as part of the festival. They’re attempting to assemble the largest orchestra ever and catapult Queensland into the world-record books. So, if you own an instrument, bring it along and help make history.

Mr Morrison has promised that this year’s array of music acts “will linger in your heart and soul for years to come”. That’s a pretty impressive promise – find out if he can keep it by heading to Queensland this July.