As far as one-day events go, the Newtown Festival is in a realm all by itself. Since the inaugural event in 1981, the Festival has grown from tiny beginnings to something much larger than those that first decided to throw a party at the Camperdown Memorial Park could have ever imagined.

But what makes the Newtown Festival so markedly different? It's the enormous sense of community, for one thing, as the Festival is held purely to raise funds for the important work that the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre does for the local area. The Newtown Festival is completely free, relying on the generosity of its patrons to continue to both support the event and to spread the wealth towards the ongoing work.

By hiring a vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals, you can attend the Newtown Festival on the 9th November and see for yourself the dizzying display of attractions on show. It's not just a musical event as it was all those years ago, becoming more of an all-encompassing cultural playground.

A festival cut from a different cloth

You'll find a Writer's Tent, showcasing some of New South Wales' finest emerging scribes. The Eco Oasis is a hub of green living where you can learn all manner of sustainable life lessons that'll reduce your carbon footprint to mere grooves on the ground. The Vocal Local Village, an idea spawned of great ingenuity, is a place where anything can happen, and often does! Almost an open-mic night in nature, eccentric characters, performance poets and live sculptures create the make-up of this unique attraction.

Setting the stage

Newtown Festival boasts three core stages across Camperdown Memorial Park – the Federation, Essential and the aforementioned Vocal Local. The Federation represents the hub of the Festival, giving you the chance to kick back on the grass, sink a cold one in the amphitheatre or release that canned heat in your heels as you lose yourself in the music to some of the headline acts. The Essential, though smaller than the Federation, is no less entertaining, featuring groundbreaking new acts chosen to give the Festival a jolt of raw energy, offering a more alternative vibe. 

Four legs, two wheels

Away from the music, why not pay a visit to the ever-popular Dog Show? The event runs throughout the morning and is far from your typical run-of-the-mill dog parade. Dogs that look like celebrities (Snoop Doggy Dogg? Dog The Bounty Hunter?), agility competitions, doggie dashes and, for the traditionalists, a Best In Show award, form a crescendo of appreciation for our four-legged friends. Away from the furry-faced critters, check out the Newton Festival Bike Boulevard, a pure haven for those with a love of life on two wheels, with tips on cycle maintenance and even a bike burrito relay.

Doin' it for the kids

There is no way that children can get bored at the Newtown Festival. There are a range of activities for the little ones such as kids' yoga, classic puppet shows, crazy inflatables and a craft workshop for those good with their hands – and even those who aren't! On stage, there'll be live entertainment, story telling and a colourful comedy show based on the well loved Aboriginal tale of Tiddalik the Frog.   

Local food and drink stalls offer a tantalisingly tasty array of native and international foods, reflecting the multiethnic nature of this Sydney suburb. There are also garage sales on throughout the Festival, so you'll have every opportunity to grab a ripping good deal as you peruse the stalls.

Make your way to the Newtown Festival with East Coast Car Rentals, have a beautiful time, make a donation and remember, it's all for a good cause.