18 months ago we commenced our feedback surveys of every single customer of East Coast Car Rentals and have continually reviewed their comments and suggestions for improvements, across our entire operation.

On the whole, responses have been very positive and we have taken on-board many of the ideas and implemented changes in order to continue to lift our customer service and satisfaction levels. We have always had very favourable feedback in regards to our online Booking & Quote system, in comparison to other companies, however we feel we still have plenty of room for improvement and in an effort to simplify the process even further and make even clearer the pricing, terms and conditions, we have completed a major overhaul of our online system.

Of course, with thousands of repeat customers and East Coast Loyalty Program members, we needed to ensure that it was still compatible with the current system and so it follows much of the same, easy to use functionality.

As of Monday 7th September 2009, the new system will be live through-out our car hire website so be sure to visit and feel free to leave you thoughts and comments below.

It is just one more way that East Coast Car Rentals is working to improve our customers experience.