Are you trying to decide on a destination for your next holiday? Would you like to see some beautiful works of art? Then you may want to consider heading over to Queensland!

The state and its most populous city, Brisbane, are probably most well known for the outdoor delights they offer tourists. There are copious parks and gardens for lovers of flora and fauna to wander in, and the ever-popular Australian Zoo, where visitors can get their animal fix.

However, there are plenty of indoor activities in Queensland for you to enjoy as well. The state has many magnificent art galleries – the following is just a sample!

Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art

When you arrive in Brisbane, your first stop should be the Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA). Home to both national and international pieces, QAGOMA is sure to have something that suits your artistic tastes.

There are always a variety of permanent and temporary works on display. At the moment, an exhibition about British quilts through the ages (well, from 1700 to 1945, at least) is being held.

This is something you will only be able to see in Brisbane, so if you’re a fan of beautiful bed-covers, we suggest you come along!

If you’re in Brisbane on a family vacation, you don’t have to worry about the kids getting bored here. QAGOMA contains a renowned Children’s Art Centre, which includes plenty of interactive art-related activities to keep the kids occupied. There is also a cinema at the GOMA – perfect for those who prefer to watch art in action.

Located at Stanley Street, South Bank, QAGOMA is about a 25-minute drive if you pick up a car hire near Brisbane Airport. We encourage you to do so, as there are many more art-inspired activities for you to sink your teeth into around Queensland!

Murray Charteris Art Gallery

If you fancy a bit of a drive, head on up to the Murray Charteris Art Gallery. This can be found in glorious Hervey Bay, and is the only place to check out pieces from some of the region’s finest artists.

You may have to drive between three and four hours to get here in your Brisbane CBD car hire, but we promise you it’s worth the trip. If you’re not a fan of painting as a medium, never fear; there are a range of sculptures here for you to feast your eyes on, too.

We’ve also heard that some spectacular hand-blown is on display, so make sure you don’t miss out on seeing it. The gallery also contains the works of its eponymous owner, Murray Charteris. His “dynamic, energy-filled art” is popular with locals and visitors alike, and is the result of many years’ tutelage under many Brisbane-based artists.

And the best part? If you really like one of the artworks you see, you may be able to purchase it and take it home as a souvenir. So, you may want to ensure you choose a rental car with lots of storage space!

Boomerang Art

Finally, a visit to Boomerang Art in Broadbeach never goes amiss. The works of Australia’s finest Aboriginal artists are what you’ll see here, or buy if you take a shine to any of them. Located on Victoria Avenue, it will take you about an hour or so to drive here from Brisbane.

Boomerang Art is a member of the Indigenous Art Trade Association, and all purchased art comes with a certificate of authenticity. This art hails from all over Australia, with an emphasis on Utopia, which can be found in Central Australia (350 kilometres from Alice Springs).