What better time to enjoy musical delights than when you're on holiday? This coming July Adelaide will welcome performers and entertainers from around the world to perform – many talented musicians will take to stages around the city. Make sure you don't miss out by getting sorted today. Purchase tickets for your chosen shows and book a rental car so you can get to the venue and enjoy an amazing holiday experience:

Chet Faker

July 3, HQ Complex

Melbourne local Nicholas Murphy, otherwise known by the musical persona of Chet Faker, found himself catapulted into the limelight in 2011 when his unique cover of 90s classic, No Diggity, spread around the world. He made it to No. 1 on the Hyper Machine charts in May of the same year.

He is known for his distinctive singer-songwriter style that highlights house and disco influences. His slow tempo, naturally rhythmic vocals and musical prowess have kept him in the spotlight.

The show will focus on Built on Glass, his debut EP released in April this year. The acoustic tracks, performed by Faker by himself, highlight his musicality. The songs performed with a 4-piece band will have you dancing in the aisles.

Ekome Ensemble

July 6, The Gov

This event highlights the lively traditional music of West Africa and is a great way to enjoy the energetic culture of the area. Aflah, Iddi, Wala and Dadanii will perform together to create a memorable moment. Each of these four are musical superpowers in their own right, having shared their energy and rhythm with people around Australia.

The power, subtlety, fun and groove of the music is something special. In the Ga language, "ekome​" means "unity" or "one", and refers to how the songs connect people from around the world. 


July 8, Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre

Don't miss out on the opportunity to see this star perform live. Lorde has achieved astronomical success in the brief time she has been releasing music. This fresh and talented 18-year-old released her first EP just 18 months ago and has already had a string of successes. Her songs have smashed charts around the world and won her awards, including a couple of Grammys.

The show features hits from her debut album, Pure Heroine and incorporates light shows and surprises. Her sound has been described as electronic, pop, indie and cool, and displays a talent for combining poetic lyrics and instrumentals. 

The Audreys

July 11, The Gov

The Audreys are a band comprising of Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall, who formed the group in Adelaide in 2004 and have gone on to win multiple ARIA Awards. 

The songwriting duo creates songs that are distinctly bluesy. They will team up with their touring band for the show that'll be based on their latest album, Til My Tears Roll Away.

Their latest work has been somewhat of a new path for the band, with the songs having been described as more goofy and rock inspired. It's more rugged and raw and rocks harder than anything they've done before. The album has already received praise from Rolling Stone and other magazines. 

Gareth Emery

July 20, HQ Complex

This DJ creates electronic dance music that as been hitting the charts for years. His style displays a range of influences from throughout his life and his time as a music producer. His music is said to be a fusion of trance, house and progressive genres. 

The new Drive album, which will the soundtrack for the show, is his second studio album and has his most successful single, Concrete Angel. It combines what he has learnt from producing tracks of other artists as well as his own and is said to be his best work to date.