Preparing for your road trip across our beautiful country can be an exciting, yet fraught time. Doubtlessly, you’ll have scoured the internet and sought the advice of experienced friends with regards to what you should or shouldn’t pack, perhaps leaving you even more confused.

Packing light is an excellent option – not only will you save on fuel costs due to the lower weight and thus efficiency of the vehicle, but you’ll also have more space to play with should you buy a large trinket as a memento of your travels. Indeed, hauling extra cargo can have a big impact on fuel – for every 45 kilograms of extra weight in your car, fuel efficiency will plummet by 1 percent. Follow these tips from East Coast Car Rentals to travel lightly, whilst ensuring you won’t leave anything important behind.


Unlike Australia’s main cities, there really aren’t that many people on Australia’s countryside highways, where you’ll spend most of your Down Under road trip. With this in mind, you don’t need to worry about what people my think of you of you if you wear that same old faded INXS t-shirt for the third day running. It does matter, though, that you are comfortable – which that t-shirt probably is, otherwise you wouldn’t have been wearing it for so long. Comfort’s important, as you could be at the wheel for a long time, and though that pair of tight, skinny jeans may look good on the dancefloor, they’ll be less cool in the Australian heat.

Break down how many clothes you should bring by following this simple guide, for one week’s travel:

– 3 bottoms (jeans, trousers, skirt, shorts)

– 6 tops 

– One pair of socks/underwear for each day

By following this formula, you almost have a new wardrobe for each day anyway – and will use minimum space.

Toiletries and essential items

Purchase a small zip-top bag – this is going to be your ‘essentials’ pouch. Things that you will use every day, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste and contact lenses should go in here. Leave behind the toiletries you may think to bring – items such as shampoo and soap will almost certainly be provided by your accommodation each evening.

It’s important to bring along any medication you may be taking, as well as a pack of painkillers. Squeeze the bag to expel any excess air and zip it closed. Don’t worry about forgetting anything – chances are, if you forgot it, it isn’t important. Many forgotten essentials can be bought en route should the worst happen.

Cut out the bulk

Travel books are a useful read, but they are also bulky and take up a lot of space. Read them beforehand, or download them to a space-saving e-reader. Leave the laptop at home, too – not only will it attract thieves, it’ll take up space and besides, you’re on a great Australian road trip! Take a look outside, not what’s happening back home on social media!