Those going on holiday would rather dash about foreign lands in a car than any other form of transportation, according to research conducted by Roy Morgan Research.

Three in four travellers revealed that they would prefer to use a car “either on its own or as part of a fly-drive trip” when making their way around a country whilst on holiday.

Approximately 29 per cent of Australians included flights in their domestic travelling plans last year; a marked increase on the 17 per cent who reported doing the same thing a decade ago.

However, a whopping 60 per cent of those same holiday-makers used a car at some point during their travels.

“While an increasing number of Australians are taking advantage of cheaper airfares and flying to their domestic holiday destination,” says Jane Ianniello, international director of tourism, travel and leisure at Roy Morgan Research, “it is clear that most of us still want to have a car at our destination to get around and see the sights or travel further afield”.

She also explained that about three in four families (or 74 per cent) who decided to take their children on holiday opted for car rentals or the like because it is much cheaper for a family of four to travel by car than by plane.

Driving around in a car instead of taking a plane also means you get more leg room, you don’t have to go through airport security, and you are able to stop wherever and whenever you want (within reason) to stretch your legs and have a look around.

So, why not get your Melbourne car rental sorted and see for yourself why 57 per cent of Australians believe that a family holiday is nothing without the humble car.