The Art Gallery of South Australia is a wonderful place to visit for all things art. The collection has been built up since the gallery was founded in 1881, so now it has one of the best in not only Adelaide but Australia, and the building itself is a marvel. Along with the permanent exhibitions, the gallery often welcomes touring displays that you must check out.

Elegant Pursuits: Art of the East Asian Scholar

Now – December 7

This exhibition looks at the amazing creations that come from those who are both scholars and artists. You'll see beautiful, effortless and fluid calligraphy as well as regal and intricately detailed ceramic tea cups and saucers, lacquerware and sculptures.

In these works of art, you'll see the scholar and artistic cultures represented. Learn more about the three perfections, calligraphy, paintings and poetry, as well as the four treasures, brush, ink, inkstone and paper.

Fashion Icons: Masterpieces from the Collection of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris

October 25 – February 15

Do you want to witness a major international exhibition this spring? Check out Fashion Icons, a display that revolves around Parisian style, primarily through contemporary fashion since 1947. It was this year when Christian Dior brought haute couture back with a vengeance with his New Look.

Fashion during the 50s was splendid, lavish and opulent. The attention to detail on these garments is stunning. See the trends throughout the years, with minimalism and classic silhouettes followed by excess and extravagance, and meet designers who paved the way.

Handy information about the gallery

The gallery's connection is 38,000 strong and counting, with works from Australia, Europe, North American and Asia with a whole variety of materials and mediums. On your tour you'll see jewellery, metalwork, pottery, photographs, drawings, sculptures, furniture and many, many paintings.

You can use your smart phone to discover the gallery. Simply download the mobile web app Explore the Art Gallery and you'll be taken through the highlights. If you don't have a smart phone, there are iPods for hire from the Information Desk.

If you want to take photos on your visit, note the gallery only allows still photography for personal use. If it's a restricted area, don't get your camera out, and be sure to turn off the flash and don't video.

Are you driving a rental car? There is plenty of parking available just across the road. Wilson's Carpark on North Terrace will cost you $10 for 1-2 hours, $14 for 2-3 and $18 for 3-4 hours as a casual fee during the week. If you're there for more than four hours, the park will cost you $122. Weekend fees are a flat rate of $6 and weekly earlybird fees are $13 for entry before 10:00am and exit before 6:00pm.