If you ever had an excuse to get hyped about the wizarding world, it's now. The magical stage show 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child', the eighth story in the series that took the world by storm, has landed in Melbourne.  

Far from where JK Rowling first found herself enchanted with the idea of Hogwarts and Harry, is it possible to find the same magic hiding in Australia? If you're lacking a broomstick, grab your hire car from Melbourne airport and leave the muggle side of the city behind with these spellbinding locations. 

1. Stock up at Spellbox

You may not find Ollivanders in amongst Melbourne's lane ways, but you can still get your magical supplies at Spellbox. Find the shop tucked into the Royal Arcade, and stock up on books, charms and potions. 

2. Vertic Alley

A clever take on Diagon Alley, Bourke Street's Imperial Hotel has cast a spell of transformation over its rooftop bar to produce its own version of the wizarding street. Sectioned into six different 'shops', or booths, you'll find yourself bewitched by the views, cocktail potions and food straight out of Hogwarts itself. 

3. The Store of Requirement

You might have to walk past this shop three times before you spot it, but once located you'll find everything you need behind its doors. Dedicated to all things Harry Potter, The Store of Requirement is packed full of necessary magical keepsakes. Plus, it has its very own version of Butterbeer on tap! This fizzy, butterscotch-flavoured liquid will leave you feeling warm inside. 

4. Find the Philosopher's Stone in the Harry Potter Escape Room

To get out of this Harry Potter themed escape room, first you must find Nicholas Flamel's famous Philosopher's Stone. Test your spell casting and magical skills along the way, and see how well you do under pressure. Will you be the Hermione, Harry or Ron of the team? 

5. Stop in for a potion class at The Wizard's Cauldron

Potions, concoctions and cocktails. Don't worry, you won't have to suffer Snape's glare for this 90-minute class on creating various elixirs that's run by the pop-up Cauldron Bar. Instead, enjoy swirling strange and smoking liquids within a cauldron and watch the magic happen! Just remember – even wizards need to be sober to drive. 

6. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

This last stop on your road trip is a necessity – it's time to fall under the enchantment of Harry Potter once more. Don your black cape, pick out your House colours, and head to Melbourne's Princess Theatre where the renowned stage show is playing. Are you ready to step back in time to your childhood once more?

Don't miss out on reliving one of the most magical series of all time. Book your Melbourne hire car today and experience the wizarding world for yourself! Consider this your letter of acceptance.