For something a little bit outside the box this February, why not pick up a Gold Coast car hire you can rely on and undertake a fascinating journey, discovering plenty of beautiful sand sculptures along the way?

This year’s annual Sand Safari experience is sure to wow you. It begins on February 8 and continues for three weeks until March 2.

During this time you will want to make sure you view each and every one of the 14 locations this event encompasses.

You will be glad you organised a rental car as these locations spread from Helensvale all the way to Tweed Heads.

One advantage of travelling a wide variety of these locations is you will have more chances to win in the exciting Sand Safari Challenge. All you need to do is get the codeword at each location to enter.

The rest of the details of this fun contest have yet to be announced so make sure you keep an eye out for this information.

Australian Sand Sculpting Championships

On the weekend beginning February 14, head down to the Surfers Paradise Foreshore to watch as gifted sand sculptors turn around 180 tonnes of sand into works of art. The main theme of this event is myths, legends and fairy tales, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how imaginative these artists will get.

This is a uniquely Australian competition, so it will be a real thrill to watch all 10 professional sculptors in action to see what they can produce under pressure.

Foreshore display

Another not-to-be-missed event will be held from Sunday February 16 – Sunday March 2. You will have the opportunity to wander down and admire the finished sculptures as well as attend free sand sculpting workshops.

Kids are sure to enjoy this activity, which will be held daily from 10 a.m until 5 p.m on the hour.

If this isn’t enough to satiate the kids’ appetite for sand-related craft, they can take part in sand art and sand bottle making activities for a small fee.

Australia vs the world

In a four day long extravaganza, Australians will compete against artists from across the country to see who can create the most popular piece of sand art that interprets the main theme of the event.

This begins on February 20 and is a daily event between 8 a.m and 6 p.m until March 2. Check it out to see how the Australian team collaborates together and what they come up with.

You can vote on your favourite work, and the team with the most support will be declared the winner, so make sure you let your fingers do the talking!