Two words for you: Glamour camping. Now combine them and make them one word. Glamping.

Do you love camping but hate how it makes you feel dirty and disconnected from the world? Do you love sleeping under the stars but hate how cold and uncomfortable the ground is? Do you love s’mores but hate literally all other camp food? Canned beans? No thanks.

Say no more, we hear you loud and clear. Glamping is clearly the activity for you.

Check out these glampsites, rent your glamour vehicle and get your glamping gear ready. We’re going on a road trip.

Glamping gear

Let’s take a quick moment to lay out exactly what gear you’ll need to glamp like a real pro. Sub mats for air mattresses and switch out sleeping bags for a down duvet  or cosy quilt. Enhance the glow of your glampsite not only through a soft glampfire, but also through battery powered twinkle lights and lanterns.

Glampers don’t settle for water-tainting tin cups. They dine with stylish plastic stemware  and eat fresh pizza, baked in an outdoor pizza oven.  And they eat it on a kitschy gingham picnic blanket – if they’re not sitting in comfy, padded glamping chairs, of course. Finally they pack all of this in their rented Suzuki Swift so there is no fuss, no muss.

Now that we have this cleared up, let’s check out some of the best glampsites across Australia, set up glamp, and get glamping.

camping at sunset around a fire with the tent set up
Kick your camping experience up a notch.

Marengo Holiday Park

The only thing better than waking up to the earthy smell of a smouldering glampfire is waking up to the fresh scents of a salty ocean breeze. Get both when you make Marengo Holiday Park your first destination. Here, you’ll get to enjoy the perks of glamorous beach activities as well. Take a dip in the bright blue ocean, snorkel your way through vibrant schools of fish, or just lounge on the white sandy beaches and get your tan on. The site is recreational vehicle friendly, so you’ll likely be surrounded by a cheerful community of fellow glampers like yourself.

The Escape

Specifically dedicated to the glamorous lifestyle, the Escape is the ultimate glampsite. This intimate site comes equipped with all the essential glamping materials, so pack up your best friends in a spacious Family SUV and you’re away. This off-the-grid getaway experience even comes with your very own personal chef, who is always on hand to cook you gourmet picnic lunches and lavish three-course dinners. Only so many people are allowed on the premises at once, so you’re promised a tranquil break from everyday stress. When it comes to glamping, truly, you can’t get any better than this.

NRMA Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park

One weekend of glamping next to the northern beaches of Australia and you’ll probably want to make glamping a permanent lifestyle – it’s just too beautiful to fathom leaving once you get there. Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park is one of the more popular holiday destinations in the area, and as such has been developed with lots of activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Some of the amenities include free wifi, bathroom facilities, laundry rooms and a barbecue area. You’ll never be without the comforts of home at this glampsite.

a photo of a wide open bay in Australia
Glamp next to the beautiful northern beaches of Australia.

Hawkesbury Riverside Tourist Park

This quaint glampsite gives you access to some of the more traditional glamping activities like canoeing, fishing and bushwalks and hikes around the park. Of course, you can always glamorise these staples by filling your kayak or canoe with tapestries, throw pillows and perhaps a parasol or two. When you catch a fish, fillet it for dinner – and when you go for a hike, be sure to take a well-angled selfie that shows off the amazing view of the Hawkesbury River.

Pretty Beach 

As a glamper, you probably know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you hear a name like Pretty Beach – and this spot will more than exceed your expectations. Pitching your glampsite on this picturesque beach just makes good sense, and you’ll have fun doing so – plus, the end result will make for a beautiful photo op. Take a replenishing dip in the ocean, a soul-searching walk along the shore or even see if you can spot a whale or two during migration season. Be warned, however, this spot is relatively popular and tends to get booked up early – so make your reservation early to secure your site.

The beauty of glamping isn’t just in the picture-perfect glampsite. It’s in the power it has to connect people to nature while doing something new. Ready to give it a try? Rent one of our roomy, reliable vehicles to get you to your final destination comfortably and kickstart your glamping experience!