Dubbo, known as the 'City of Smiles', is found in central New South Wales and is renowned as a destination abundant in cultural heritage, with attractions drawing travellers for miles around. By hiring a car from East Coast Car Rentals, you can explore this vibrant city and the multitude of exciting landmarks dotted in and around Dubbo.

Red Earth Estate Wine Cellar and Gardens

The Red Earth Estate takes its unusual name from the colours of the red soil plains of western New South Wales. Their cellar door is well worth a few hours of your time, as you are given the chance to taste their premium wines, produced in their on-site winery. The fruit used is as fresh as can be, as it comes from their own vineyard, with a limited selection taken from the Central Ranges. Accompanying the wine is a platter replete with a range of cheeses and fruit. The grounds of Red Earth Estate Cellar are spacious, meaning that they are perfect for families as the children can head off and do their own thing while the parents kick back and relax with a glass of vino.  

Old Dubbo Gaol

The Old Dubbo Gaol, which closed in 1966, has been fully refurbished and is now a bona-fide tourist attraction. Unlike other prisons which have reopened to the public, the Old Dubbo Gaol goes a step or three further and utilises a host of animatronics and holographic displays, which really bring the place to life and serve to remind just how terrible times could be 'behind the door'. Amble around the historic 19th century corridors and prison cells of your own accord, and view the collection of original artefacts – you may even meet some desperate prisoners and brutal wardens of a bygone era – actors, of course…(or are they?) If you dare, take a dark moment in the solitary confinement cell where, for a fleeting second, you'll feel just what it was like for the unfortunates who were locked in there for days on end. To add to the ominous atmosphere, you may even choose to tour the Old Dubbo Gaol at night

Aladdin's Cave Bottlehouse

This one is a little out of the ordinary. The Aladdin's Cave Bottlehouse is constructed of (what else?) bottles – 3000 of them. Found a seven minute drive from the centre of Dubbo, the bottles that make up the house hold all manner of weird and wonderful things, from scrawled messages to photographs and toys. After you've finished looking through each and every bottle, which could take a while, take a walk to the nearby shed. It's full-to-bursting with old Australiana that is sure to bring a sense of nostalgia with its collection of traditional bikes, archaic tools, pots and rabbit traps.