Do you want to experience the past and present of Sydney all in one? Head on over to The Rocks. This area, found between the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, has it all. Walk down cobblestoned pathways during a digital photography workshop, experience contemporary art in an ancient hall and take modern dance class in a heritage building. Read on for some of the artistic highlights of this precinct. 

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located within The Rocks, and is a place you can have a wonderful artistic experience. A tight team brings together and curates exhibitions, both touring and permanent. The facility opened in 1991 but underwent major redevelopment in 2012 and is now the home of a vast selection of contemporary art from around the world.

The museum collection now has 4,000 works of art and an entire floor of the building is dedicated solely to showing this off. Called Volume One: MCA Collection, it has works from more than 130 Australian artists created in the past and recently and highlights the diversity of the country and innovative minds. There is work with an Aboriginal flair, an array of paintings, digital works that incorporate film and video and even performance art. Some art featured includes installations by Khaled Sabsabi and Shaun Gladwell, and photography by Tracey Moffatt and Fiona Foley.

Aboriginal Art Gallery

Continue your discovery of indigenous art at the Aboriginal Art Gallery. These galleries have been family run for more than 15 years and showcase one of the largest collections of Aboriginal works in the country. You'll see paintings, artefacts, didgeridoos​ and more. As soon as you walk in you'll be struck by the organic, natural works of art that are distinctly historic outback Australian.

You can purchase an item to take home – this is a great way to remember your trip or start your own collection. All pieces are authentic, and were located and brought with a code of ethics and in support of fair trading, so you can pick it up with peace of mind.

Sydney Dance Company

The Sydney Dance Company specialises in contemporary dance so you can move from modern art to witness modern movement. The 16 dancers of the company have performed all over the world in many shows, continually wowing their audiences.

The company has been set up at The Wharf in The Rocks since 1985. You can see a show at the studio, or attend one of the large public dance classes. Just stop by to take part in a class that runs to the theme of ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, hip-hop and more. Have you ever wanted to try Zumba? Now's your chance! Join the Zumba class to groove with the best of them. You can find the class for you whether you're an absolute beginner, or have more experience in the dancing world – you will have a premier instructor no matter what your choice.

Sydney Photography Tours

Now is your opportunity to learn about photography while seeing some amazing pieces yourself. Take a three hour workshop – there are a variety of times to suit different schedules. You can choose to have a more extensive lesson that lasts longer and includes editing instruction. There are also options to take day master classes and private classes.

You'll have the chance to shoot organically and learn how to use all of the settings of your camera. During your three hour workshop session, you can learn about depth, how to use a digital camera at night and in low light, and you will learn how you can paint with light as well as trace figures and balls.

Whatever class you choose, you're bound to get something out of this workshop – whether that's a new way to express yourself, or the ability to take amazing photos of your holiday to hand in your home.

When you arrive in your Brisbane car rental, you'll find parking stations at Quay West, Clocktower, 121 Harrington Street and 155 George Street.