When the sun goes down in Sydney the fun is just getting started. Get your mates together and go out to make some memories. The vivid nightlife is bursting with energy and excitement and is sure to engage all of your senses. 

Getting started: Quay

Start off your night right at Quay restaurant. This luxurious eatery offers a distinctive experience that will be a feast for your eyes as well as your taste buds. Chef Peter Gilmore has constructed a menu like no other and it's constantly evolving. He has said he uses nature as inspiration and lets his produce dictate the dishes, creating harmonies of flavours and textures.

You can try the food in two ways – get a four-course meal or a tasting menu that will give you an overview of many of the dishes and be matched with one of the many amazing wines from the drinks list. 

The scenery is just as good as the food. The structure primarily consists of steel and glass, so while you eat, you'll get amazing views of the sun setting over the harbour.

Finding a spot for your rental car is easy at the Overseas Passenger Terminal car park. From Monday to Wednesday the car park closes at 10pm and Thursday to Friday it closes at 12pm so you can take your time to enjoy your restaurant experience.

First stop: Marble Bar

Marble Bar is a great place to start your night. This bar was built in 1893 and is now found downstairs at Hilton Sydney. It's easy to see why there are many visitors every night. The opulence of the interior has remained intact since its inception, even as the city around it changed, and the bar constantly has life music and fine beverages including local beer such as Hahn Premium Light and Super Dry.

The Victorian-style bar is special for its marble arches, stained glass doors, regal fireplaces, elegant ceilings and bars made of rich mahogany. There is even a gallery of Julian Ashton rural nudes that has become famous in its own right.

Go along for a dinner or a drink from Wednesday to Saturday for live music. Upcoming artists this June include Tina Harrod, The Shufflers and Arabesk.

Next stop: Dynasty Karaoke

Stumbling onto this place feels like uncovering a secret. If you weren't looking for the doorway, you probably wouldn't see it. In Chinatown's Dixon Mall there is an doorway that takes you to a psychedelic and futuristic themed bar. You can take to one of the private rooms or try your hand on the main stage. Either way, you can rock out to your favourite power ballads or your guilty pleasure thanks to the song selection. If you're a first timer, you can sing along with the original to ease you into the world of karaoke.  

In between your turn you can play a game on the touchscreen tabletop or try something off the menu. Want to celebrate? Have a glass of champagne. Nothing is taken too seriously here – it's all for fun. 

On to: The Red Rattler

This is the place where all kinds of performing artists come to share their talents, whether that's music, drama, film or designers. The bar with a rooftop garden was brought to fruition by five local artists who wanted a space where the art of Sydney could be put centre stage, and the organisation is flourishing. Through the efforts of a hardworking team, local artists are supported and get a chance to show off what they love to do. 

Head on over for a variety of acts from talented individuals perform in the space that was once a factory and is now a relaxed environment.

Last stop: Hernandez Coffee

Finish off your night with a hot drink at this wonderful cafe at Potts Point that is open all day every day. The cafe has been going strong since 1972 and is a homey place where you can wind down. Have one of the sweet treats like the churros, or check out the selection of fine coffee from around the world. If caffeine keeps you awake, choose the Swiss decaf or get a hot chocolate or horchata instead.