Some of the most incredible food in the world is found on Australia’s east coast. Even if all of the ingredients don’t come from the region, you can rest assured knowing everything you eat at the restaurants below is prepared to the highest standard and will blow your mind.

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Mr Wong – Sydney

For lovers of seafood, great wine and roast duck, Mr Wong is a must-visit.

At the top of our list is Mr Wong – and for good reason. Two massive floors of tables (almost always full) show how popular this place is, and there’s often still a line. For lovers of seafood, great wine and roast duck, this is a must-visit.

If you find yourself at Mr Wong, treat yourself to the mud crab. You won’t regret it.

Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta – Sydney

One of the only truly casual spots on the list, surprisingly found in Sydney, Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta is so laid-back you can rock up in boardshorts, a tee and flip-flops. The pizza is soft and chewy thanks to dough that’s risen for 48 hours, and there’s a whole roasted pig on the menu everyday until it runs out.

If that sounds like a bit of you, don’t wait around. The pig doesn’t last long!

Ester Restaurant and Bar – Sydney

Ranked TimeOut’s Sydney Restaurant of the Year for 2017, Ester Restaurant and Bar is a special place. It’s really one of those eateries you’d recommend to everyone, even your friends who don’t quite love food as much as you.

Many of the dishes are cooked in a wood-fired oven, and the king prawns are famous. Seafood is hard to beat in Australia.

king george whiting roasted in saltbush #ester #esterrestaurant #restaurantaustralia #wakeupgeoff

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Supernormal – Melbourne

Okay, so Melbourne isn’t exactly on the east ‘coast’, but it features some of the most amazing food in the country so we had to include it here. Typical of Melbourne’s cool culture, Supernormal is set in a sort of underground bunker. This makes it great acoustically, while the dark lighting is romantic at worst. A great spot for a dinner date.

The expansive food list is complemented by a wine and beer menu that will please the most particular of drinkers. The food is mostly Japanese ‘snacks’ but you’ll quickly fill up. Portions are generous.

Ramblr – Melbourne

A dark, brooding exterior makes Ramblr feel exclusive. Open the door (after you walk past it probably two or three times) and you’ll smell rich scents and see bright colours on every plate. The service is friendly and fast, and everything just fits.

The Moreton Bay bugs from the west coast are a must. Everyone at the table will want more than one! Get in before the more exclusive items on the menu run out – this is one of the coolest spots to eat in all of Melbourne, and there’s plenty of parking for your rental car in the area.

Moreton Bay Bug Sandwich, comin’ In hot! @guylavoipierre

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The Fish House – Gold Coast

A classic beachside restaurant, The Fish House is an example of a truly fresh menu. It changes everyday based on the produce out back, and you’ll be able to choose from some of the most sought-after seafood in the country. Bass groper from Tasmania anyone?

The Fish House has a sophisticated feel, and the food matches. You won’t want to wear boardshorts to dinner here, but you don’t need to be too dressed up either!

Salt Grill – Gold Coast

In classic Surfers Paradise fashion, Salt Grill is casual fine dining done right. A large selection of tables around the main dining room give cozy couples a chance to get close, while larger parties can take centre stage in the middle of the room around large round tables.

The food is just incredible. The wine is curated by a dedicated sommelier. The setting is vibrant. The location is easy to get to. It all adds up to success for Salt Grill. If your travels take you to the Gold Coast beaches, don’t miss out on this dining experience.

Otto Ristorante – Brisbane

Refined, modern Italian dishes are the aim of the game here.

A newcomer to Brisbane’s award-winning restaurant list, Otto Ristorante is the first non-NSW restaurant for the famed Fink Group, and the name carries a lot of weight among foodie circles in Australia.

Refined, modern Italian dishes are the aim of the game here, and a wharfside terrace gives the space a truly open feel.

Gerard’s Bistro – Brisbane

Gerard’s Bistro is one of the most celebrated restaurants in Brisbane, showcasing dishes from the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The cool dining room with a 3D timber wall gives it a casual air, perfect for a weekend breakfast or a weekday lunch (except on Mondays). Dinner is served seven days a week, which you will appreciate if you’re in Brisbane for more than one night.

Australia’s east coast has a huge amount of cuisine appeal. If you have a passion for food and are about to take a road trip holiday up and down some of the most incredible coastline in the world, make sure you stop in at some of these restaurants. For help with rental car hire, get in touch with East Coast Car Rentals today.