Whether you want to partake in the world’s longest meal, or enjoy a sumptuous feast alongside a backdrop of thoroughbreds, head to Melbourne in February – the annual food and wine festival is sure to have something to tantalise your tastebuds!

Beginning in February and spanning a full 17 days, the festival is chock full of events, some of which will never be repeated again.

Book your car hire in Melbourne ahead of time to beat the rush. There are over 400 events scheduled for the festival, so expect some big crowds!

With a focus on the Yarra River, this festival will overlook the water and some events will even take place on the water itself.

Food and wine lovers alike can celebrate the precious resource of H2O, which contributes to the creation of such delicious delicacies.

The first event to take place during the festival is the world’s longest lunch. Set on the banks of the Yarra river, this lunch gives you the chance to sit along a 530-metre-long table and feast on sumptuous delights created from local produce.

The menu has been created by legendary local chefs Stefano de Pieri, Adam D’Sylva and Jacques Reymond. Each chef has taken on board their own personal connections to the Murray-Darling, Mekong and Amazon rivers respectively to toast the ‘lifeblood of food and wine’.

Another must-do event while you are at the festival is the Acqua Panna Global Wine Experience. Check it out at the ANZ Pavilion on Sunday March 2. It’s made up of four parts, so you can pick and choose what you’d like to attend. All the events look at the role water plays in winemaking.

The Masters section provides a unique and exciting opportunity to sample rare wines. At this event, you can hear stories from some of the legends of Victorian wine making – those who have shaped the heritage and reputation of Victoria’s wine industry.

Another part of this event is the ‘noble rot, liquid gold’ section. If you enjoy sampling sweet wines from around the globe, this is for you.

If you want to hear some vigorous debate about the wine industry and the the drink itself, the ‘Storm in a wineglass’ event might be up your alley. It features some of the industry’s most outspoken thinkers and some of the more controversial wines, making it an interesting event to take part in.

The fourth part of the series is called ‘A drop in the ocean,’ and here you can sample some of the world’s top wines. Cabernet and Merlot are on offer and at this event you can try wines from California’s Napa Valley, Bordeaux in France and New Zealand’s Hawkes Bay.

The following weekend, March 8-9, gives you the chance to explore the taste sensations dreamed up by both young chefs and more experienced Michelin-starred seafood experts, through interactive classes.

These classes look at the effect water has on food and how the rivers, oceans, lakes and streams of the world inspire chefs to create new dishes that involve great skill and technique.

As well as attending some of the fantastic events on offer, make sure you find a park for your Melbourne car rental. The heart of the CBD makes a great base, helping you to enjoy some food and drink at the Immerser.

This area will be home to the festival kitchen, bar and rain garden, making it the place to be during the festival.

Not only that, but the rail bridge in Queensbridge Square will be used for the first time, providing an unparalleled view of the city’s skyline. This is bound to give locals and visitors alike a new perspective on the landscape.