Dunkin’ Donuts has just announced that Friday June 7 will see people from around the world enjoying free doughnuts in their restaurants.

A total of 31 countries will be taking part in this world-wide doughnut celebration – here’s hoping Australia is one of them!

This got us thinking (more than usual) about doughnuts. They’re a quick and tasty (if unhealthy) breakfast option for those wanting to get an early start in their Melbourne car hire, Sydney or car hire Brisbane Airport wide. They also make an excellent afternoon snack that’ll keep the kids happy when you’re driving across Australia.

Below are a few of our favourite doughnut destinations in Melbourne. Make sure you pay them a visit!

Big Lou’s Donuts

If you’re driving around in your Melbourne Domestic Airport car hire and are looking for a speedy snack, check out Big Lou’s Donuts – home of the famous Hot Jam Donut.

Opened in 2008, this Australian-owned restaurant boasts delicious, old-fashioned doughnuts that are baked fresh on the premises every day. Big Lou’s huge range of flavours just keeps growing, with their latest addition – the ‘Hot Cross Donut’ – already a favourite among locals and visitors.

Walker’s Donuts

According to the rave reviews on Urbanspoon, these guys not only bake some of the greatest doughnuts around, but also make the greatest coffee in central Melbourne.

If you’re in the mood for half-pound chocolate eclairs, custard doughnuts, or even strawberry-filled doughnuts smothered in chocolate, this is the place to get them. They’re also popular for their ‘Donut Holes’ – mini-doughnuts filled with custard or jam.

Spanish Doughnuts

Here you’ll find the “enchanted Spanish doughnut” know as the Churro. Made with 100 per cent canola oil and only the best Australian-made products, Spanish Doughnuts offers a wide range of the healthiest doughnuts you can buy.

We’re particularly excited about the ‘Designer Churros’ they offer. This option allows you to choose your own Churro flavour and add your own fillings – such as chocolate, caramel, strawberry and nutella. How can you resist?