If you hold both a pencil and a desire to draw the world around you, why not embark on the Secret Sketch Crawl of Sydney? It’s a comprehensive tour of the city’s finest sketching spots and is designed for everyone, from those that haven’t drawn since primary school, to seasoned easel artists. By hiring a car from East Coast Car Rentals, you can join the Secret Sketch Crawl of Sydney and then enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure – the Crawl takes place between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the city before and afterwards – especially if you make a weekend of it!

How does it work?

Running every Sunday throughout December, aside from the 28th, the Secret Sketch Crawl of Sydney begins at a secret location before setting out on a walking tour of the city. You’ll be guided by an experienced, professional artist and will visit famous landmarks throughout the city, as well as lesser-known spots that are nonetheless chosen for their potential to inspire, encouraging you to take your pencil to the paper. The sketch guides leave it up to your own free will with regards to what you’d like to draw, but the locations have been specifically chosen for certain reasons – maybe it’s an ornate building that will require you to call on your detailing skills, or a broad landscape with scope for a wide panorama of scenery. It’s entirely free choice – you could attempt to etch out a wall daubed in urban graffiti, or something a little more traditional – a church, or seaside scene.

Details are sketchy

Included on the Sketch Crawl is a specially selected meet at a sit-down location, chosen for its particular character and because it’ll extend you the opportunity to attempt a still life or perhaps a portrait. You can relax with a drink, included in the price of a ticket, while chatting with your fellow artists. As an added twist, you never know what you are going to get on the Secret Sydney Sketch Crawl, or what may happen, so prepare your pencils for any eventuality. That’s because each and every Sketch Crawl is different – locations are frequently mixed and matched, so every group will take home a unique array of ideas and drawings.

Who can go on the Secret Sydney Sketch Crawl?

A drawing point to the Secret Sketch Crawl of Sydney is that it is open to all. The organisers believe that anyone can draw and they want everyone involved to regain the confidence of childhood where pictures are not judged. They wish for each of the artists that take part on the crawl to express themselves through emotion and enjoyment and through these notions, rediscover a love of art. Conversely, though, experienced artists are also encouraged to walk the crawl, as you’re sure to pick up some new tricks, broaden your artistic horizons and maybe even make a few more friends.

Book, then draw

You don’t need to bring an easel, pack your pencil case with a variety of HBs and shell out on some quality white sheets of paper, as everything you’ll need is included in the price of the crawl – a mere $39 per person. This includes materials such as charcoal, pastels and drawing boards.

The Secret Sketch Crawl of Sydney is pretty popular and thus has limited numbers per tour – this is to ensure that each budding artist gets ample opportunity for a one-on-one tutorial from the guide, so by booking in advance, you can avoid disappointment.

Pencils ready!