We just can’t, we just can’t, we just can’t control our feet! Boogie along to the door of your rental car and check out all the good times Sunshine Coast has to offer, both in the day and under the moonlight. 


It’s no secret why this sunny, warm coastline got its name. There’s plenty of sunlight to soak up and the best way to make the most of this Vitamin D is to explore all these outdoor activities.  

Australia Zoo 

Crikey! There’s no better place to enjoy the essence of Australia than in this animal sanctuary. Every fan of the lateSteve Irwin must visit this wildlife conservation centre; his memory lives on as you admire the Crocodile Hunter’s precious and beloved reptiles.

With special shows scheduled throughout the day, your visit can be even more enjoyable. The world’s largest species of tortoise, Aldabran Tortoises, can be found here and you can watch their keepers feed them at 10 a.m. 

Best of all, at noon an extravaganza unfolds in the Crocoseum as the zoo’s Wildlife Warriors teach crowds about the importance of protecting these incredible, strong, agile creatures. From snakes to the legendary saltwater crocodiles, you won’t be able to take your eyes off snapping jaws, speedy tail flicks and graceful swimming.

Afterward, head right on over to see cuddly koalas snooze and play at 1:30 p.m. From oohing and ahhing over these adorable animals to learning a range of fascinating facts about other creatures here, this visit will be sure to wow the young and the young at heart. 

Bellingham Maze

Unleash your inner detective! This hedge maze is located among lush green tropical rainforests, and has been an icon of the area for over a decade. From timber scrabble mazes to mini golf areas and slippery slides, there is something for everyone. A brand-new lilly pilly hedge maze also opened earlier this year, after 20 months of carefully growing the greens, to add to the pretty geometric shapes and sizes of the other mazes. 

Navigate your way through the obstacles for an afternoon full of family bonding, filled with laughter and puzzles to keep you on your toes. Once you make it out the other side, you can celebrate with Devonshire teas or a hot cup of coffee in the beautiful outdoor garden cafe, and there are milkshakes galore for the kids. 

Underwater World

Interact with the kaleidoscopic colours of fishes and marine life, and for the brave hearted, snorkel with sharks to gaze into the eyes of these often misunderstood giants. For those craving being up close and personal with something a little less scary, head on over to the Tidal Touch Pools and feel the textures and shapes of star fish, sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

Seal Island is another must-see, and the best times to watch these playful beings clap and swim is during the three daily presentations. Dunlop and Katanya, two Australian Sea Lions, will call this place home throughout 2015, which is special since this species is native only to the south and west coasts of the country. 

Coolum Beach

Be full of funky fever and let the fire burn inside as you lay in the golden sand or swim through the turquoise waters. Trek up to the volcanic crater of Mount Coolum, soaring high at 208 metres, and admire the panoramic views of the entire coastline as the pristine sandy shores blend into the waves, blue oceans stretching out to the horizon in a picturesque haze.

The rocks of this mountain date as far back as 26 million years ago, making it a truly special spot to contemplate the wonders of the world. Mount Coolum National Park boasts more than 500 different varieties of flowers and plants, making it an idyllic outdoor area to explore the native flora of Australia. Bloom with the petals as the sun warms your cheeks.


As the sun sets and the skies get painted with twilight hues of pink and purple, it’s time to experience this magical coastline by night and have such fun that you never blame it on the moonlight. 

Flame Hill Vineyard 

Appreciate the sunset from the Flame Hill Deck restaurant of this vineyard, sipping on world-class estate-grown wines and eating delicious ethically sourced produce. It’s an intimate outdoor seating area, surrounded by emerald green mountains sparkling in the last rays of the sun as you dine. Cellar door displays and tastings are on offer, too, if you’d like to take home a bottle of the goodness. 

Noosa Sunset Cruise

Drift along the Noosa River, watching the sky blaze orange as you float past the glamorous yachts of Woods Bay, spotting the wildlife at Lake Weyba and docking at Noosa Marina. Here you can dine at some of the best restaurants of the region, indulging in mouth-watering cuisine under the stars.