If you were to put together a list of Australian icons, coming in third behind the kangaroo and Vegemite would be Steve Irwin. Ever since his untimely death in 2006 at the barbs of a stingray, his presence on our TV screens has been missed. While things will never be the same, you can try and capture some of Steve’s magic again by getting your car hire in Melbourne and taking a road trip to these three locations.

Birthplace of a legend

Steve Robert Irwin took his first gulp of crisp Australian air in Essendon, Melbourne. What better way to survey the earth upon which the great man first stood than by helicopter? There are several companies operating in the area that can give you a guided heli-tour of not only Essendon but parts of greater Melbourne too. Legend has it when Steve got really excited, his cpm (crikeys per minute) soared, sometimes in excess of 20 – a helicopter trip might just do the same to you!

a red helicopter
Survey Steve’s birthplace from the sky with a helicopter tour.

An immortal monument

Although a cracking bloke like Steve will be forever immortalised in our hearts, he’s also had his status confirmed in a way all great men have – his likeness has been carved into a marble statue. Reminiscent of a Greek god, the statue depicts Steve, his son Robert, his daughter Bindi and, fittingly, a small crocodile.


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The statue was created by the artist Sylvio Apponyi and was unveiled in December 2007. The plaque’s inscription describes Steve as “a devoted father, husband and mate.” If you wish to pay your respects, you can find the statue on Mooloolaba Esplanade in Mooloolaba.

A living legacy

Located on Steve Irwin Way in Beerwah, Australia Zoo is the legacy that Steve left behind. His love for wildlife was well-known (Steve was a man who received a python for his sixth birthday and named it “Fred”) but it really shows in the scope of Australia Zoo’s operation.


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Binturongs, camels, cheetahs, wombats, zebras, pittas, finches and of course crocodiles – all (and more) can be found at the zoo.

Steve is a man that, while gone, will not be forgotten. For more information on road tripping your way around these sites, get in touch with East Coast Car Rentals today!