Have you ever heard of the Travelling Film Festival (TFF)? Have you ever been to Cairns?

Well, this weekend we suggest you organise a car rental Cairns wide and kill two birds with one stone!

The TFF will be happening in Cairns from November 1 to 5, and tickets are selling out fast. All films will be screened at Cairns City Cinemas, which is located on 108 Grafton Street.

If you’re not familiar with the TFF, it’s the longest-running film festival in Australia that brings world cinema to rural and remote locations around the country.

Whether you’re a fan of local or international cinema, documentaries or short films, the TFF will have something for you!

On Friday, the TFF kicks off with ‘Mystery Road’ at 7pm. This home-grown piece of cinematography directed by Ivan Sen features an all-star Australian cast, including Hugo Weaving and Ryan Kwanten.

It tells the riveting story of an Indigenous detective who is investigating a murder in the Outback.

The Guardian has deemed it “one of the best Australian films of the year,” and you’ll get a chance to out why if you drive over to Cairns!

‘The Attack’ will screen on Saturday at 6pm, as will a variety of other films. Described as a “thoughtful thriller”, this movie follows a Palestinian surgeon in Tel Aviv who discovers his wife is involved in a bombing.

If you’re in the mood for something a little less dramatic, check out ‘Gloria’, which is showing on Sunday at 2pm. This uplifting comedy earned its lead, Paulina Garcia, the award for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival.

You can purchase a 13-Film Full Subscription for $104, and see all the movies at the TFF. Or, you can simply buy single-session tickets for $14 each.