A car can be your ticket to freedom. With a good set of wheels and a map, you can cruise up and down the east coast of Australia, setting foot on untouched beaches, swimming in rainforest pools and basking in all the country has to offer. If this sounds like you, it’s clear you love both driving and the environment.

What’s more, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive! So in light of Earth Day on April 22, we would like to remind you of a few handy tips for driving greener.

1. Drive more efficiently 

One major way to reduce the impact of driving on the environment is to drive more efficiently. Reducing the amount of fuel you use by driving smoother can reduce emissions, and save you money.

Driving at a constant speed is far less polluting than stopping and starting, the Australian Department of the Environment explains. To maintain steady speeds, try and avoid driving during peak traffic hours and go easy on the accelerator. You should also leave a good distance between you and the vehicle you are following, so you won’t have to brake if they are driving erratically.

2. Don’t speed

Keeping to speed limits is a key part of driving greener. Speeding not only increases your chances of having an accident, it also accelerates your fuel consumption. When travelling at 110 kph, you could be using up to 25 per cent more fuel than when you’re going at 90 kph, according to the Department of the Environment.

three women in the back seat of a car.
Carpooling can save you fuel and money.

3. Roll down the window

Using air-conditioning can burn through your fuel, increasing the emissions from your vehicle. You can use up as much as 10 per cent more fuel when you have the air-con blasting, the Department of the Environment warns. If you’re going less than 80 kph, roll down the window instead.

4. Car pool

The number of cars on the roads could be greatly reduced if people car pooled. If you are heading off on a road trip with your friends, pile together in one car instead of taking multiple vehicles.

Only have minis? You can hire a bigger car or even a minivan to fit you, your friends and all your bags. This is greener and you can share fuel costs, so your trip will be less expensive.

5. Travel light

You should only pack your rental car with the essentials. The more things you have in your vehicle, the more fuel it will use.

We take care of the rest – keeping our cars in top condition and running efficiently also reduces the environmental impact of driving.

For any questions about hiring a car or driving in Australia, get in touch with our team today.