The Adelaide wineries to visit in Barossa Valley

March 8, 2019, East Coast Car Rentals Adelaide Tips

If world-class wines matched with exquisite gourmet dishes sounds like your kind of getaway, Adelaide's Barossa Valley is the place for you. Vines have lined this region for over a century and a half, over which the process of creating beautiful wines has been finessed into an art form. Of course, it's sure to help […] full post

What to do in Sydney when it’s cold and wet outside

March 7, 2019, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Road Trips Sydney Tips

Rainy days don't have to get in the way of exploring, especially in a city like Sydney. No matter the weather, you'll always find something to enjoy! Here are seven of our favourite activities to make the best use of a day spent indoors. Grab your hire car and head on out! 1. Sydney's Sea Life […] full post

The 4 best dive sites along the East Coast of Australia

January 29, 2019, East Coast Car Rentals Adelaide Cairns Fun Road Trips Tips

With the Great Barrier Reef, you may not find it surprising that Australia has some of the best diving on offer in the world. From shipwrecks to diverse and colourful sea life, you'll find some great spots along the East Coast of Australia to admire the land under the sea from. What are you waiting […] full post

How long does it take to travel the East Coast of Australia?

December 17, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals Cairns Gold Coast Melbourne Road Trips Tips

  Driving from Melbourne to Cairns, you’ll discover 4,000 km of coastal beauty along the eastern edge of Australia. Whether you start at the bottom in Melbourne or work your way down from Cairns, the journey along the coastline offers up plenty of adventures. So when organising your hire car from Melbourne or Cairns, how […] full post

8 of Melbourne’s secret bars revealed

December 5, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals Fun Melbourne Tips

  Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that a city characterised by its extensive street art also likes to hide away some of its best bars within narrow laneways, dark alleys, and unassuming corners. However, while many cities would be satisfied merely tucking entrances away, Melbourne isn’t. Instead, pass through fridge doors, give out secret passwords, […] full post

Don’t miss out on Melbourne’s vibrant street art

November 29, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals Fun Melbourne Tips

  Melbourne is a vibrant city full of life, coffee, music and street art. Regularly listed as one of the world’s greatest cities to live in, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s yearly reports, you’ll soon understand why. However, while absorbing all that’s happening around you, don’t miss out on taking a tour of one of […] full post

Keeping fit and healthy on the road

November 13, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals Brisbane Gold Coast Tips

Travel is a great time to reinvigorate your fitness regime. Not only is it possible to remain fit and healthy while on the road, but it can remind you of the benefits involved with exercise. You don’t have to take time out of exploring and experiencing new things either! What are some of the ways you […] full post

What you didn’t know about Australia’s best known animals

November 7, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals Brisbane Fun Sydney Tips

  Did you know that Australia chose animals that couldn’t easily move backwards for their National Coat of Arms to symbolise their forward progression? In their first coat of arms, the banner also contained the words, “Advance Australia”, developing on this theme. However, when it comes to Australia’s native animals, the fact that emus and […] full post

Minimising your environmental impact

October 29, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals Road Trips Tips

When you're travelling away from home, it can be tricky to keep up good environmental habits such as recycling or avoiding plastic. However, travelling doesn't have to mean you ditch your eco-friendly behaviour completely. What can you do to keep up your green goodness next time you travel? 1) Take your own There is so […] full post

How to take travel photos you’ll enjoy for years

October 11, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals Fun Tips

  If you’re no expert when it comes to photography, how do you get shots that’ll really remind you of your trip after it’s finished? Despite the fact that our car hire options allow you all the space you could ever want, you don’t need to carry loads of expensive and bulky camera equipment around […] full post