Slang terms to know while touring New Zealand

August 29, 2019, contentadmin New Zealand

Glorious. Breathtaking. Stunning. Picturesque. When you’re visiting New Zealand for the first time, these are just a few of the words that come to mind that pertain to the scenery of this beautiful country. The rolling hills and verdant greenery found throughout the nation are truly a sight to behold. However, as you get around […] full post

4 Places in New Zealand To Add To Your Bucket List

August 14, 2019, contentadmin New Zealand

What are your bucket list destinations? For many, New Zealand is an essential item. Yet despite being a fraction of the size of the UK or US population-wise, New Zealand contains multitudes of individual locations that could be must-sees.  We’re here to help you pick your favourites – and get there in style.  1. Hobbiton […] full post

Exploring the Kaimanawa Forest Park

June 20, 2019, contentadmin New Zealand

Around an hour’s drive from Taupo, Kaimanawa Forest Park is a time capsule of life in New Zealand before humans walked the Earth. These rolling, tree-covered hills offer plenty to explore with varying levels of difficulty, making it the perfect stop on your North Island road trip. Where is the Kaimanawa Forest Park? Made up of several […] full post

Winter road tripping tips for New Zealand and Australia

May 27, 2019, contentadmin New Zealand

Don’t let winter scare you off the idea of a road trip. The colder season has a lot to offer travellers who are willing to change things up and escape the popular summer months.  Here’s how you can make the most of a winter getaway in your East Coast hire car.  Focus on the winter attractions […] full post

Why you should head to New Zealand’s Writer’s Festival

April 30, 2019, Chester S Events Fun New Zealand Road Trips Tips

  If Sydney’s Writer Festival doesn’t sate your literary needs, or you’re unable to make it to it, never fear. Just across the ditch, New Zealand has it’s own renowned Auckland Writer’s Festival which has been running for 19 years! This is no small deal either – in 2018, over 200 of the world’s best […] full post

Where to find the best lighthouses in NZ’s North Island

April 3, 2019, Chester S Fun New Zealand Road Trips Unusual destinations to drive to

Considering that New Zealand is a country of islands, it shouldn't surprise you that its shores are scattered with lighthouses. Maritime New Zealand alone manages 23 lighthouses, and there are more that are maintained by harbour authorities. While the practicality of lighthouses makes them an essential feature for coastal regions, it's also impossible to deny […] full post

Visiting the extreme points of NZ’s North Island

March 28, 2019, Chester S Fun New Zealand Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

New Zealand is a small country with a lot to offer. In one day you can go from mountains to beaches, as well as passing through cities on the way. Diversity is jam-packed into two little islands. One major benefit of having everything so close at hand is that you can literally fit in the […] full post

Where to road trip along the East Coast of New Zealand

February 18, 2019, Chester S New Zealand Road Trips Unusual destinations to drive to

The East Coast of Australia isn't the only one holding some amazing road trip treasures. Along the eastern edge of New Zealand's North Island you'll find plenty to do and see. Grabbing your hire car from Auckland airport, head to the coast and check out these great locations! View this post on Instagram A post […] full post

What to know about climbing NZ’s mountains

February 15, 2019, Chester S New Zealand Road Trips

New Zealand is known for its beaches. As well as its sheep, native bush and adorable flightless birds. However, one thing that's never left off the list of what its famous for… is its landscapes. How better to see these than from the mountaintops?  Grab your hire car from Auckland airport, chuck on your hiking boots […] full post

Why you should explore the walking tracks of the Waitakere Ranges

February 7, 2019, Chester S New Zealand

Out beyond the city of Auckland, and away from the myriad of golden beaches and islands, you'll find the Waitakere Ranges. New Zealand is amazing partly in thanks to the diversity of scenery that you can discover all within a short drive in your hire car, and this regional park is a perfect example. Only […] full post