New Zealand

Kaimanawa Park gives explorers an opportunity to get among the New Zealand countryside.

Exploring the Kaimanawa Forest Park

Around an hour's drive from Taupo, Kaimanawa Forest Park is a time capsule of life in New Zealand before humans walked […]

Have you considered a winter road trip?

Winter road tripping tips for New Zealand and Australia

Don't let winter scare you off the idea of a road trip. The colder season has a lot to offer […]

Have you heard of the Auckland Writer's Festival?

Why you should head to New Zealand’s Writer’s Festival

If Sydney's Writer Festival doesn't sate your literary needs, or you're unable to make it to it, never fear. Just […]

Do you know where to find the best beacons of light in New Zealand's North Island?

Where to find the best lighthouses in NZ’s North Island

Considering that New Zealand is a country of islands, it shouldn't surprise you that its shores are scattered with lighthouses. […]

Do you know the four corners of NZ's North Island?

Visiting the extreme points of NZ’s North Island

New Zealand is a small country with a lot to offer. In one day you can go from mountains to […]

Here are some spots to add to your NZ East Coast adventure.

Where to road trip along the East Coast of New Zealand

The East Coast of Australia isn't the only one holding some amazing road trip treasures. Along the eastern edge of […]

Do you know the best places to escape into NZ's mountain ranges?

What to know about climbing NZ’s mountains

New Zealand is known for its beaches. As well as its sheep, native bush and adorable flightless birds. However, one thing […]

The Waitakere Ranges offer a slice of rugged NZ just outside of Auckland city.

Why you should explore the walking tracks of the Waitakere Ranges

Out beyond the city of Auckland, and away from the myriad of golden beaches and islands, you'll find the Waitakere […]