What can the stories behind these six place names tell you about Australia?

February 22, 2019, Chester S Canberra Road Trips Sydney

Have you ever considered where certain place names originated? Often you'll find a lot of a country's history tied in with how it was named, revealing influences and stories you might not otherwise stumble across.  Take the chance to consider these Australian place names when booking your hire car from Sydney or Canberra. 1. Canberra […]

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10 reasons to visit Australia’s capital city

January 31, 2019, Chester S Canberra

Despite being Australia's capital city, Canberra is often skipped over in favour of the better known attractions of Melbourne and Sydney. However, we think Canberra has plenty to offer the East Coast road tripper. The capital offers opportunities to learn about Australia's history and national identity, as well as some great coffee breaks and rainy […]

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Full of the joys of spring: Why it’s a great time of year for an Aussie road trip

October 2, 2018, Chester S Adelaide Cairns Canberra Events Fun Gold Coast Melbourne Road Trips Sydney Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

  Spring time in Australia is a great time for comfortable temperatures, outdoor events, exhibitions and catching up with nature. It’s sunny, but not scorching across the country, so you can explore all over. Get your car hire booked from Adelaide Airport and work your way up the east coast. What are the best spots […]

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10 of Australia’s September festivals worth calling into

August 31, 2018, Chester S Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Events Fun Melbourne Road Trips Sunshine Coast Sydney

  September is the month of festivals in Australia. With the warm weather finally returning to the more southerly regions, everyone’s ready to get outdoors and enjoy some of the finest entertainment the country has to offer. Grab a hire car at the airport and get motoring to check out these great events. 1. The Melbourne […]

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Foods you should be trying on your next Australian road trip

August 17, 2018, Chester S Adelaide Brisbane Cairns Canberra Gold Coast Melbourne Road Trips Sunshine Coast Surfers Paradise Sydney Tips

  No great Australian road trip would get very far without some good food to keep you fuelled. Australia has plenty of national treats, both sweet and savoury. Try out these Aussie favourites on your next trip. Sweet treats and coffee-break snacks Pavlova – Let’s start with a bit of controversy. Depending on who you […]

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The best ways to spend spring in Australia

August 29, 2017, Chester S Adelaide Cairns Canberra

  Spring is right around the corner here in Australia. Thanks to moderate temperatures and fewer weather events, spring is perhaps the absolute best time for you to take a road trip across the east coast. Waking up from a sleepy winter, the east coast states come to life from September onwards, with a treasure trove […]

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The best escape rooms on the east coast

August 8, 2017, Chester S Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Melbourne Road Trips Sydney

  Escape room games are the nerdy craze taking the world by storm. First finding popularity in Asia, these puzzling adventures have hit Australia in full force. Since the first Australian escape room was launched in 2013, at least another 45 venues have opened – 87 per cent of which are found on the east coast, according […]

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3 reasons to visit Canberra in March

February 28, 2017, chris Canberra Events

As the rest of Australia starts to wind down for winter, Canberra comes alive. The month of March sees exciting festivals and events kick off in the capital, highlighting the cultural, culinary, and creative heritage of the city. There's no better time to visit Canberra than in early autumn. Time it right, and you'll be […]

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What’s up in our country’s capital?

September 30, 2016, chris Canberra

  When was the last time you visited Australia’s great capital? Canberra was chosen to be this country’s capital for a reason, and wasn’t just about appeasing the great rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne. If it’s been a while since you’ve explored this great city, then you need to jump in your rental car and […]

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