Events not to miss in Adelaide this spring

October 31, 2017, East Coast Car Rentals Adelaide

Did you know that South Australia has won the title of 'Australia's best festival state' the last two years in a row? Yes, across the whole calendar year, there are a diverse range of events and festivals that showcase the best elements of the state's culture. So, if you're planning a road trip to Adelaide […] full post

Adelaide: Australia’s most underrated city?

August 15, 2017, East Coast Car Rentals Adelaide Fun Tips

  Like pineapple as a pizza topping, Adelaide is underrated as a city. Whether it’s comedians making snarky jibes, or the word ‘boring’ being frequently heard before the city’s name, Adelaide gets a bit of a bad rap. We’re here to set the record straight – there are a number of fun and interesting things […] full post

4 places to add to your South Australia road trip itinerary

May 3, 2017, chris Adelaide Road Trips

  South Australia is a road trip state. Stunning landscapes roll past your window, morphing from dazzling coastlines to misty vineyard-covered hills and the true wilderness of the Outback. To take in the state’s highlights from coast to desert, check out these enticing destinations in South Australia. 1. Adelaide The best place to start a South […] full post

5 places to go with your single ladies on Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2017, chris Adelaide Cairns Fun Melbourne Road Trips

Who says your friends can't be your Valentine's? Valentine's Day doesn't have to be exclusively about celebrating your significant other; it can be a great chance to show some love for your friends as well. Forget about being alone on Valentine's Day and make this a chance to have some quality time with your besties. Book […] full post

Australia’s top 4 romantic road trip getaways for Valentine’s Day

January 17, 2017, chris Adelaide Melbourne Road Trips

  Love is in the air, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to plan a romantic getaway with your sweetheart. A road trip together is a fantastic way to spend time with one another away from screens, work, family and other commitments. So here are a few of Australia’s most loved-up spots that […] full post

Three outstanding day trips from Adelaide

May 9, 2016, chris Adelaide Car hire tips and advice

  Adelaide is a city with a high status throughout the world. Consistently ranked amongst the most liveable cities globally, the capital of South Australia certainly has a lot going for it. From a reputation as one of the country’s leading regions for food and wine, to its status as a hub for festivals of […] full post

Some must-see selfie destinations around Australia’s east coast

April 15, 2016, chris Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne Sydney

  The concept of the selfie has spread far and wide over the interweb. It’s the act of pointing your camera’s lens towards yourself to take a photo, and people of all ages can be seen doing it worldwide. In fact, it’s become such a common occurrence that entrepreneurial businesses have piggybacked off this phenomenon and created what we call […] full post

Happening around Australia in … November

October 9, 2015, chris Adelaide Melbourne Sydney

Get those hire car engines ready to rumble because November is chock-a-block with a plethora of exciting events around Australia! Summer is well and truly on its way, and since we are heading towards the end of the year, now is a particularly good time to make 2015 count by embarking on a memorable road […] full post

Adelaide is the Green Capital of the World: Australia

October 8, 2015, chris Adelaide

Adelaide ranks top in the world – the entire world! – for a plethora of green initiatives. Recently, a new report from the energy industry found that South Australia won the first place ranking for the number of homes using solar power. As the state’s capital, Adelaide is leading the charge and has already got projects […] full post

Seeking out Australia’s ghost towns: Farina, South Australia

August 20, 2015, chris Adelaide

With our planet now almost completely mapped out and explored, there may be a feeling that there is little left to discover on Earth, but that's not entirely accurate. Though the advent of GPS and sophisticated technology allows us to virtually zoom practically anywhere around the globe, there's still a little something to be said for […] full post