Where you can find Brisbane’s best cheap eats

March 26, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Brisbane

Food can be one of the most expensive parts of a road trip, so in effort to cut back, you may have been dining on the two-minute noodles. But dinner doesn't have to be so bland or expensive. You'll be pleased to hear that Brisbane's fantastic array of eateries serve up dishes that are not […]

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Best beaches within a 90-minute drive of Auckland

March 7, 2018, Chester S A weekend in New Zealand

  With nearly 30,000 kilometres of coastline in the surrounding areas of Auckland, you can bet there are plenty of stunning stretches of sand waiting to be explored. After securing your Auckland car hire with the team at East Coast Car Rentals, get ready to discover an array of coastal gems within a 90-minute drive from […]

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Where are Victoria’s best regional restaurants?

February 21, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Fun Melbourne Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

  The state of Victoria is Australia’s most densely populated, and in the capital of Melbourne, demand for unique, experimental gastronomy is high. The city is a destination for foodies with lofty standards, ready to be wowed by celebrity chefs, avant-garde techniques, original combinations and perfectly executed traditional dishes. Although Melbourne has the spotlight as a […]

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3 of the North Island’s most photogenic road trips

February 9, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Fun New Zealand Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

New Zealand is a country far from lacking in terms of photo opportunities – almost every turn will see both amateur and professional photographers scrambling for their cameras. Whether it's to capture an image of an opportunistic busker in front of a historic building on Auckland's busy Queen Street, or a deserted black sand beach near […]

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3 luxurious getaways in Tasmania

February 8, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Fun Road Trips Unusual destinations to drive to

Tasmania, located approximately 240 km south of mainland Australia, is a large island, similar in size to Switzerland. The island, which is home to over half a million people, is known for its natural attractions – a sizable portion of it is UNESCO World Heritage listed. Over millions of years, glaciation, volcanic eruptions, continental drift […]

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4 of the best campsites in South Australia

February 5, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Adelaide Fun Road Trips

South Australia's diverse landscape and Mediterranean climate make it a popular tourist destination, but visitors don't need to shell out thousands of dollars for accommodation that offers panoramic views and an abundance of amenities. Instead, camping is an ideal way to get up close and personal with everything that's on offer, from beaches and crater […]

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Retreats for inner peace on Australia’s East Coast

February 2, 2018, Chester S A weekend in Brisbane Cairns Events Fun Gold Coast Road Trips Sydney Tips

  These days, many of us spend long hours hunched over a computer and our wrists have to deal with repetitive strain as we tap away on our keyboards. Even when we manage to escape the office computer, we tend to keep our smartphones closer to us than our best friends – they reside in […]

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Your Mornington Peninsula weekend road trip guide

November 7, 2017, Chester S A weekend in Melbourne Road Trips

  Rent a car at Melbourne airport and you could be in the Mornington Peninsula in just under an hour and a half – and then the fun really starts. The exciting Mornington shire is a playground for travellers wanting to pack a variety of weekend activities into their road trip without driving too far; […]

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3 incredible road trips out of Sydney

July 21, 2017, Chester S A weekend in Road Trips Sydney

  A road trip can be officially defined as ‘a holiday taken in a car’, but here at East Coast Car Rentals, we define it as nothing as but FUN! Although there’s so much to see and do in central Sydney, there’s a whole host of surrounding areas and suburbs to make the most of, too. […]

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5 outstanding places to visit on the Coromandel Peninsula

April 21, 2017, chris A weekend in New Zealand

Two hours from Auckland lie sleepy seaside villages, world-class art galleries and movie-star beaches, all packaged up in one small peninsula. You can drive from the north to south of the Coromandel peninsula in roughly two hours, but in reality the trip will take you days – you’ll want to stop every 10 kilometres or […]

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