What to do in Sydney when it’s cold and wet outside

March 7, 2019, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Road Trips Sydney Tips

  Rainy days don’t have to get in the way of exploring, especially in a city like Sydney. No matter the weather, you’ll always find something to enjoy! Here are seven of our favourite activities to make the best use of a day spent indoors. Grab your hire car and head on out! 1. Sydney’s Sea […]

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Sydney beaches to visit when you’re ready to go beyond Bondi

August 6, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Fun Sydney

  Beaches are probably amongst the first things that pop into anyone’s head when they think of Australia. We’re known for our beautiful beaches, and Bondi Beach is world famous. But if you want to see what other beaches are within easy reach of Sydney, check out our list below. You’ll find changing and refreshment facilities […]

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Why winter on the Gold Coast is just as fun as summer

June 21, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Gold Coast

  With its sun-soaked beaches and rooftop bars, we’d forgive you for thinking the Gold Coast is a ‘summer-only’ destination. However, come the colder months, this East Coast hot-spot has just as much to offer. Here are some of the fun things you can get involved with during winter on the Gold Coast. 1. Discover the area’s awesome […]

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3 things that make Melbourne one of the world’s best cities

June 18, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Melbourne

  As a previous seven-time winner and 2018 top 20 contender of the World’s Most Livable City, Melbourne continues to prove that it’s a place to be reckoned with. But what makes this East Coast city rank so highly in Mercer’s Quality of Living Ranking report? We have a few ideas….. 1. An incredible itinerary of […]

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6 awesome things to do when it’s raining in Sydney

June 15, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Sydney

  No matter where you go in the world, you can’t control the weather, and sometimes the heavens open when you least expect it. However, it’s important to make the most of these soggy situations, and thankfully, there’s still plenty of awesome things to do in Sydney when it rains. Here are some of our […]

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Where you can find Brisbane’s best cheap eats

March 26, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Brisbane

  Food can be one of the most expensive parts of a road trip, so in effort to cut back, you may have been dining on the two-minute noodles. But dinner doesn’t have to be so bland or expensive. You’ll be pleased to hear that Brisbane’s fantastic array of eateries serve up dishes that are […]

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Where are Victoria’s best regional restaurants?

February 21, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Fun Melbourne Road Trips Tips Unusual destinations to drive to

  The state of Victoria is Australia’s most densely populated, and in the capital of Melbourne, demand for unique, experimental gastronomy is high. The city is a destination for foodies with lofty standards, ready to be wowed by celebrity chefs, avant-garde techniques, original combinations and perfectly executed traditional dishes. Although Melbourne has the spotlight as a […]

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3 luxurious getaways in Tasmania

February 8, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Fun Road Trips Unusual destinations to drive to

Tasmania, located approximately 240 km south of mainland Australia, is a large island, similar in size to Switzerland. The island, which is home to over half a million people, is known for its natural attractions – a sizable portion of it is UNESCO World Heritage listed. Over millions of years, glaciation, volcanic eruptions, continental drift […]

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4 of the best campsites in South Australia

February 5, 2018, East Coast Car Rentals A weekend in Adelaide Fun Road Trips

South Australia's diverse landscape and Mediterranean climate make it a popular tourist destination, but visitors don't need to shell out thousands of dollars for accommodation that offers panoramic views and an abundance of amenities. Instead, camping is an ideal way to get up close and personal with everything that's on offer, from beaches and crater […]

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