Imagine. You’ve been driving around in your Cairns Airport car hire all day. Maybe you’ve gazed at the Great Barrier Reef, paid a visit to Cairns Tropical Zoo or spent a lot of time (and money) at Cairns Central Shopping Centre.

It’s been a fantastic day, but now the sun is going down and your stomach is starting to rumble – and you’ve got no idea where to get some delicious Aussie tucker!

Don’t worry – we’ve put together a list of the top four restaurants in Cairns to help make your decision an easy one! Bon appetit!

1) Ochre Restaurant

Located on 43 Shields Street, Ochre Restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience that is definitely not to be missed. It’s located in the heart of Cairns, too, which means it shouldn’t be difficult to find.

What makes this eatery absolutely unique is the fact that its top-quality chefs use local ingredients to make dishes you can’t sample anywhere else in the world.

In addition to serving classic items such as chicken, duck and lamb, Ochre Restaurant’s menu also features kangaroo, wallaby and even crocodile.

This is your chance to really get a taste of Australian culture – and will make a great story to tell your friends and family when you return home!

2) C’est Bon Restaurant

If you would like to try some award-winning French cuisine, look no further than C’est Bon Restaurant on 20 Lake Road. This eatery’s name says it all – it’s good! Only chefs that hail from France are allowed in the kitchen, so you know you’ll be getting a magnificently authentic meal.

We strongly recommend C’est Bon Restaurant’s fixed dinner menu, which includes three indulgent courses for just $45 per person.

You can start with a plate of Rilette de Porc (shredded pork pate with salad and toast), follow it with the Cuisse de Canard Confite (duck on a delicious bed of pumpkin and spinach), and round the whole meal off with a sumptuous Mousse au Chocolat.

3) Cactus Jack’s Bar & Grill

The self-proclaimed “first restaurant in Australia to serve Fajitas”, Cactus Jack’s Bar & Grill is a must-visit restaurants for all you fans of Mexican food.

This restaurant pairs a fun and quirky atmosphere with traditional Mexican dishes – and the combination works wonderfully! If you happen to be driving past 66 Shields Street in your Brisbane car rentals on a Tuesday, make sure you take advantage of Cactus Jack’s Bar & Grill’s special offer – all-you-can-eat chilli for just $10!

They’re also renowned for their chimichangas, enchiladas and chocolate chicken! It might sound a little out-there, but if you love chocolate you owe it to yourself to try it in this unusual (and tasty capacity).

4) Barassi’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for a dining experience that isn’t going to substantially lighten your wallet, you may want to visit Barassi’s Restaurant. The eatery prides itself on its family friendly environment and quality, affordable meals.

Barassi’s Restaurant offers a wide range of food, from pizza and pasta to seafood and grilled meats. We’ve heard the Tasmanian Salmon is absolutely stunning, or if you’d like to keep your dining costs down, you may want to opt for the $14 fish and chips.

There is also a dedicated children’s menu, which includes a tasty selection of classic dishes that will please even the most picky little diners.

So, you are sure to find something at this restaurant that will suit everyone’s tastes and fill everyone’s stomachs! It is located on 344 Mulgrave Road – don’t forget to stop by!