Australia is a big country, so it makes sense that its population has a penchant for all things massive.

In fact, there is an entire Wikipedia entry dedicated to “Australia’s Big Things”.

No road-trip would be complete without checking out some or all of these sizable statues and buildings. So organise the car rental Sydney Domestic Airport travellers turn to and prepare for an adventure in New South Wales of epic proportions!

The Big Prawn

If you’re not a big fan of seafood, we suggest you stay away from this one. The Big Prawn sits on top of an eclectic souvenir store in Ballina, just off the Pacific Highway. It is approximately 20 metres in height, 5 metres wide and 27 metres long. This colossal crustacean also weighs around 8,000 kilograms!

Stop to take a look, a picture and select a few arts and crafts to give your family and friends. You’ll also find delicious food here, so it’s worth the trip – even if you don’t like prawns.

The Big Bench

Have you ever sat on a bench and thought to yourself, I wish this was bigger? Well, your wish has been granted. In the town of Broken Hill, you’ll find the largest bench we’ve ever laid eyes on.

According to I Love Broken Hill, it’s 2.5 times the size of any bench you’ve had the pleasure of staring at or sitting on. And it’s been painted bright red – just in case you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to recognise it. There’s a fantastic view of Broken Hill from this bulky bench, so grab a friend – or 12 – and have a seat!

The Big, Golden Guitar

A popular spot for country-music lovers, Tamworth is home to The Big, Golden Guitar. This immense instrument attracts huge crowds during the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival, but is available to be gazed at and admired all year round.

It’s 12 metres tall and weighs more than 500 kilograms. The musically inclined will notice that it doesn’t have any strings – that’s because this gigantic guitar was modelled on the trophy that is handed out to lucky recipients at the Country Music Awards of Australia. If you hire a car at the Sydney airport, The Big, Golden Guitar is only a five hour drive away. You could even listen to some fabulous country music on the journey to prepare yourself for what awaits!

The Big Merino

Towering over the Hume Highway is Rambo, as he is known by locals, also known as The Big Merino. Located in Goulburn, this 15-metre high sheep contains a gift shop and a wonderful wool display over two floors. Visitors may also jump at the opportunity to gaze out of the structure’s eyes and view its impressive surroundings.

It was built in 1985, but has since been moved closer to the Hume Highway so that all drivers and their passengers can bask in The Big Merino’s glory. We recommend purchasing a piece of beautiful knitwear while you’re, or maybe some toasty sheepskin ugg boots.

The Big Trout

Built in 1973 by a local – and very talented – fisherman, The Big Trout has been capturing the hearts and minds of people visiting Adaminaby for many a year. It is astonishingly detailed, with scales and an outstanding paint job – a must-visit for fans of the majestic fish!

Why a trout, I hear you ask? Because the town is a popular trout fishing spot, of course. So popular that a 10-metre-high fibreglass model of a trout needed to be constructed? Well, we’ll let you be the judge of that.