The 2013 Club Sandwich Index has been launched, and this has inspired the Hullett House Hotel, a five-star hotel in Hong Kong, to create the most luxurious club sandwich the world has ever seen.

Costing around $66, it is also the most expensive club sandwich on the index, and contains some of the most elite ingredients imaginable. Beluga caviar, Balik salmon, Belgian figs and Italian organic eggs are all included.

As it stands, Sydney is sitting in ninth place on the Club Sandwich Index. This got us thinking: where can you find the best sandwiches in Sydney? We’ve done a little digging and have come up with the following locations.

City Edge Cafe

The City Edge Cafe is located on 74-80 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills. This is just a 16-minute drive from the airport, so we suggest you hop off your plane, organise the car hire Sydney Airport travellers rely on and make your way to this fabulous eatery.

This is the place for sandwiches that are simply bursting with filling. They also specialise in toasted wraps and turkish bread. There are over 30 sandwich varieties to choose from, as well as daily specials that offer a unique twist on their wide variety of ingredients.

In addition to this, these sandwiches won’t break the bank. Costing around $9, City Edge Cafe’s sandwiches are an inexpensive option that you can feed to the whole family.

The many rave reviews of this cafe have also made note of the speedy service here, even when the staff are super busy. So don’t worry if you show up and there are sandwich-lovers lined up around the block – you will get served!

Colliers Sandwich Company

If you’re heading to Woolloomooloo (which is about a five-minute drive for central Sydney), make sure you check out Colliers Sandwich Company. With around 40 different sandwich varieties on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. There are also a few different types of wrap, filled with delicious ingredients such as lamb and authentic falafel. They are located on 87-91 Cathedral Street.

Most of Colliers Sandwich Company’s items are only available before 15:00, so take this into consideration if you’re planning a trip there. Prices range between $5.50 and $11 per sandwich. At the top end of this price scale is the Colliers Club, an amazing sandwich that contains poached chicken, crispy bacon, avocado, cranberry sauce, mature cheddar and much more, all piled onto a toasted panini.

They also provide a sandwich of the week. Many of their products are sourced from local manufacturers.

If you do a little digging of your own, we’re sure you can find some more sumptuous sandwiches dotted around Sydney. Bon appetit!