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Known as the Sunshine State, Queensland is a vast place full of great towns and areas. Whether you are seeking a quiet day relaxing at a charming little cafe or a weekend spent taking in the sights of the outback, Queensland offers it all. So, which are the best country towns to visit in Queensland? This blog will look at the greatest places the Sunshine State has to offer and ponder the best activities to take part in while you are there.

Best Country Towns to Visit in Queensland

Mount Isa

Located in northwest Queensland, Mount Isa is a small mining town that produces lead, silver, zinc, and copper. As it is best known for its mining community, it is worth a visit for anyone interested in learning about the history of mining as a guide will take you deep underground to conduct an extensive but entertaining mining tour. Come away with a range of mining facts you can share with your family and friends.


Best known for its delicious milk that it ships to the rest of Queensland, Maleny has more to offer than its bustling dairy industry. It is home to several beautiful walking trails that showcase the wonders of nature while its art galleries also present the more artistic side of the town. Maleny is a nice, quiet retreat from the busy lifestyle of the city, and is one of the best country towns to visit in Queensland.


Canungra has a wide range of activities to offer, from bushwalking to birdwatching. Animal lovers must pay a visit to the Mountview Alpaca Farm where they can spend time with the cute and cuddly alpacas that live there. Those seeking adventure can walk through the Lahey’s Tramway Tunnel, a 90-metre hand-dug sandstone tunnel, while those in need of a feed should stop in at The Outpost Café which is famous for its award-winning pies.


Stanthorpe is perfect for those seeking a slice of picture-perfect countryside in Queensland. Situated right near the New South Wales border, Stanthorpe is famous for its food scene. Paired with its extensive farming culture, you can expect to eat well with the promise of farm-to-table meals. Those wanting to spend a day picnicking in the countryside will find plenty of local wines and cheeses to indulge in during their stay.


The home of Mary Poppins, Maryborough is a must-visit for anyone who loves the cinema icon. The town also features many heritage-listed buildings, making it the perfect place to visit for anyone interested in history. Maryborough is also home to several bars if you are seeking that small-town pub atmosphere. The Lockyer Valley is only a short drive away for those desiring a daytrip into the surrounding farmlands.

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