Calling all car lovers, it’s that time of year again. Bathurst. This year, from Thursday October 6 to Sunday October 9, you can experience all the racing you could possibly handle for the year when you take a trip up to the track on Mount Panorama.

Can you feel the roar of the V8 Supercars whizzing by you on the way to making Bathurst history yet? Do you think any of the five rookies in this year’s batch of drivers going to pull a fast one, or will the vets show them how it’s done? It’s questions like these that make you incredibly aware that you need to be there to find out for yourself.

However, spectators are expected to exceed 200,000 this year, so as you caravan up to the course, you’re likely going to be joined by some other excited drivers – other drivers that could very well cause a slew of traffic. Don’t let your excitement for Bathurst 2016 slow down just because the cars around you have.

This weekend is all about the energy – as such, we’ve got some road trip and event tips for you to ensure this trip is thrilling from start to finish. Check them out.

super car on a racetrack
Getting excited? So are we!

Snacks on snacks

Avoid road rage. Bring snacks. How far do you have to go? Hanger (hunger induced anger) is inevitable if you don’t have a plethora of snacks to keep you fuelled up along the way – especially if you hit red lights ages away from the nearest rest stop. Stay well stocked on food and keep some road trip games in you back pocket and you’ll be ready to rock and roll.

Driving tunes

Don’t ever lose an ounce of motivation to watch professional drivers put the pedal to the metal! A good driving playlist will get the blood pumping for a weekend of roaring engines. Make a playlist with songs over 140 BPM as these have been proven to get your body (and maybe your RPMs) ready to really move.

Emergency rain gear 

Don’t be caught off guard. NSW weather can change at the blink of an eye. One minute we’re talking clear blue skies, and the next you’re soaked to the bone. As long as you’re prepared though, this won’t be a trip ruiner.  Also be sure to have a place to put all your wet clothes so you don’t stink up the car after the race.

white car on a coastal road
Don’t forget to leave the racing to the professionals.

Spare shoes and socks 

Tagging on to our last point, you can imagine that things tend to get a little muddy up on that mountain! Heck, even without the rain those crowds can stomp up the grounds making them pretty slick. Make sure you have more than enough socks and an extra pair of shoes – or two. Better yet, if you have a pair of rain boots, wear those. This will make the race, and the ride home, much more comfortable.

Money, money, money

It’s not just food prices that spike with elevation. Big events like Bathurst will always drive prices up, but there are also quite a few events to attend of which you’ll need to have some spare change on hand. Every day is an event you can’t miss. For example, there is the Transporter Parade as you get to watch the trucks make their descent to the Mount on Wednesday, the street fair on Saturday and of course, the main event itself, the race!

Once you finally get to the race the excitement really begins – you can feel the electricity of the crowds before you even park your car at the campgrounds! Make sure this trip is possible by working with our friendly staff at East Coast Car Rentals – we’ll get you on the road to a winning weekend in no time!