It's said that dogs are man's best friend and Sydney is celebrating the love and loyalty of our waggy-tailed companions with the inaugural Dog Lovers Show. Stretching over three days, from the 7 -9 November, the self-proclaimed 'Festival Of The Pooch' is set to send Sydney barking mad, with a whole range of canine capers planned for the 'howl' extravaganza.

Taking place in the Royal Hall of Industries & the Hordern Pavilion, the Dog Lovers Show is easily reached, so why not make a weekend of it with East Coast Car Rentals? By hiring one of our vehicles, you can take in everything that the show has to offer, as well as a fine opportunity to explore the rest of this global city's greatest sights.

Big dog, little dog, medium-sized dog

The Dog Lovers Show is the largest event devoted to the pets in the Southern Hemisphere and is expected to feature over 500 pooches over its duration – a postman's worst nightmare! Dogs of all shapes and sizes, from the hulking Saint Bernard to the miniscule Affenpinscher will be paraded over the showcase, which includes a talent show – fine footballing Fido's, high-jumping hounds and superb scent-sniffers will amaze you with their outstanding feats of talismanic talent. 

Give a dog a home

You'll encounter breeds you perhaps have never heard of before, so the Dog Lovers Show represents a great chance to get up close and personal with some lolling tongues and inquisitive noses. You'll be in the right place if you are looking to acquire a new dog for your home, be it a puppy or a rescue dog, as reputable breeders, experts in their field, will be on-hand to deliver learned advice to help you decide upon which kind of canine would be the perfect match for you.

Adopting dogs from a rescue centre is an increasingly popular pastime, and in the specialised CANIDAE Rescue Dog Zone, visitors can discover all about the processes of rehoming abandoned pets. Giving a discarded dog a new, loving basket can be an enriching experience, and authorities in that field can guide you in helping give a neglected friend a new lease of life. 

Hair of the dog

The event will also showcase some of Australia's top celebrity vets, who'll be offering free information sessions on animal psychology, answering questions such as just why your dogs insists on chewing shoes and tearing up parcels. You'll receive medical advice for sick puppies, training tips and grooming demonstrations to help keep your dog's coat gleaming, coming away from the show with a bag full of practical advice and helpful tips to ensure you have the happiest, healthiest dog in the kennel. 

The Sydney Dog Lovers Show is a nirvana for canine enthusiasts, for those who own a dog, or are thinking about getting one, but it's also for anyone who has a fondness for our furry four-legged friends.