Winter weather often drives people indoors into a sort of Netflix and hibernation. Who wants to be outside when it's cold and grey? Well actually… we do!

There's worse weather in the world than what Australia considers winter. Let's face it – when was the last time Aussies were holed up in their lounges, hanging out by candlelight because the latest snow storm took out the power? Never!

Australia is lucky, even when it's cold it's still pretty warm. In fact, it's the perfect weather for an epic winter road trip! Coast to coast, this country is filled with amazing sightseeing opportunities and scenic drives that lead you to each destination. But there are some places in Australia that are better to visit in the winter than others.

Today, we outline your map that will take you on a road trip that will lead you to some of the best winter destinations in Australia. Hurry up! You'll want to complete the journey before it starts to get warm again.

Sydney Melbourne Heritage Drive

Sydney and Melbourne are two of the country's most famous and populated cities. While they might have some beef between sports teams, they're still connected by the Sydney Melbourne Heritage drive which should be experienced and enjoyed by all!

The drive not only starts and finishes with these two awesome cities, but it's dotted with tonnes to do along the way as well. You'll get to travel through the historic gold rush towns filled with antique shops brimming with treasures from the gold rush era that built Victoria. 

Of course, there's plenty to do that's from this generation as well! This journey will take you through the Rutherglen wine region. It is the oldest wine region in Australia – Rutherglen boasts 21 cellar doors within close proximity to the main road. Australian wine from this region is renowned worldwide, so it's well worth a visit.

Stuart Highway

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This is a great road trip for those who are still in pursuit of warmer weather. Driving from Adelaide to Darwin, Stuart Highway only gets warmer as you cruise along. In its entirety, the highway stretches 2,834 kilometres, so you'll need a couple of days off if you're trying to complete the whole thing (without driving too fast, that is).

It gets its name from John McDouall Stuart as he was the first man to complete a trip from south to north. But don't worry, the highway has since been better maintained, and is now all-vehicle accessible. 

The trip along Stuart Highway will delight you as it includes roadside attractions like the Underground Serbian Orthodox Church, thermal springs in Mataranka and Lake Hart, a salt lake. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled once the stars begin to come out… the Northern Territory section of Stuart Highway welcomes extra-terrestrial life. That's right, aliens! This area claims to be the UFO capital of Australia with many reported sighting each year. 

Always pack your road trip snacks, but also be advised that this route has plenty of restaurants and cafes along the way.

Murray River 

Travel along the heartlands of Australia via the Murray River as its 2,500 plus kilometres of water wind from NSW to South Australia. It's an easy route as you just have to follow the river, but it's a gorgeous and diverse landscape. The Murray region's atmosphere makes for mild weather all year round, so you could even bring your bike or kayak along if you feel like getting out of the car for an extra adventure as well. 

There are plenty of attractions to keep you occupied along the way. The route passes numerous adventure parks, including the largest open range zoo in Australia at Monarto. Additionally, the river runs through many quaint historical towns including some picturesque orchards and citrus farms.

Driving getting to be a little too much? Take a break and take a cruise in a riverboat in one of the colonial towns like Swan Hill. A town aptly named after the area's large population of swans – their honking of which caused traveller Thomas Mitchell to lose out on some much needed sleep. It's a unique road trip to say the least.

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