Every year, Sydney becomes a book lover's dream. Up to a hundred thousand people converge on the city, eager to take part in the sharing of ideas, literature and storytelling. It's a celebration of books and their writers, as well as all that read them. If you're a bookworm at heart, the Sydney Writers' Festival is something you cannot miss.

Pack your bags, book your Sydney airport hire car and get ready for a week of words!  

Who is the Sydney Writer's Festival for?

Despite it's name, the Sydney Writers' Festival is for everyone. Anyone who loves stories or ideas will find something for them in amongst the 300 plus events that are held over the week. You'll find performances, workshops, talks and even two New York Times journalists hosting an exclusive episode of their podcast, Still Processing, to enjoy. 

With the program now announced, make sure you plan out your week! Think about what books you'll cart around with you in your Sydney hire car, which events you just can't miss and where you can re-energise with coffee and food in between them.

What is this year's theme?

Along with different writers and speakers, every year brings a new theme to the festival. This year's theme is power, and how it relates to areas such as money, politics and the state of the world. 

The chosen topic creates a running thread of conversation for the week, centering the festival around one idea and bringing voices from all around the world to discuss it and add their viewpoints. 

When is the Sydney Writer's Festival?

In 2019 the festival is running from April 29 to May 5. You'll find it held across the city, in venues such as the Sydney Town Hall and City Recital Hall. However, the hub of the festival is being held at Carriageworks, a contemporary multi-arts centre in Sydney. 

As well as a huge turn out of local Australian authors, Sydney Writers' Festival comes with some internationally big names. For example, this year Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Eagan is attending to discuss her books and characters. Additionally, Australia's own Markus Zuzak, author of the incredible bestselling novel 'The Book Thief' is making an appearance to speak about his latest tale.

Are you ready to release your inner Belle or Beast? Make sure your East Coast road trip contains Sydney's massive Writers' Festival in 2019.