Want to experience a touch of the paranormal or spot the flash of a white spirit while on holiday?

If yes, a ghost tour of Melbourne may be right up your alley. Here is a rundown of the most haunted locations in Victoria's capital – see for yourself if you can brave the trip or whether the experience will have you running back quivering in fear to the car you rented in Melbourne!

Old Melbourne Gaol

Notorious for the hanging of Ned Kelly along with 132 others, it's no wonder that countless ghost sightings have been reported at this old jail.

If you happen to be in Melbourne on a Tuesday night, head over at 8:30pm for a tour and investigation of these buildings, run by Melbourne Gaol itself.

Here you can experience the dark and winding tunnels and cells of prisoners past, as well as the former Police City Watch House and the historic Magistrate's house.

If you're afraid of running into ghosts and ghouls and other spirits, you could instead enjoy the Hangman's Night Tours which incorporates history and theatre. The executioner will walk you through a time where his noose was the most feared. This tour is available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays from 8:30 and costs $30/$35.

The Old Melbourne Ghost Tour

Run by Lantern Ghost Tours, and led by a well trained crew who are specialised in bringing the gritty past of Melbourne to life, this tour will give you a new appreciation of modern day Melbourne.

Whether you want to explore the old opium dens of Chinatown, be incarcerated in a Lunatic asylum or visit an abandoned morgue, there is something for you.

Pretend to be a ghost hunter and see what kind of spirits you can summon. Keep a watchful eye out for the long lost lovers at Point Cook Homestead and the criminally insane ghosts at J Ward Asylum.

J ward Asylum

Once home to men who believed they had superhuman powers and others with mysterious links to the Queen, this is a must-visit if you are interested in the supernatural.

The ghosts of these men are said to roam the halls of the prison where they were buried, so keep a watchful eye out for the sounds and sights of tortured souls.

If you are really brave, you can enjoy an overnight stay here. This includes a ghost tour, supper and museum access, as well as the chance to perform your own paranormal investigation.

This prison is located around two hours drive from Melbourne, so it will be essential to have organised your rental car ahead of time.

Victoria Market

While you may be familiar with this place in the light of day, there's something chilling about seeing it in moonlight.

Speak to Melbournians and they may tell you the legend of the two bush rangers who prowl around the fruit section from midnight to dawn.

Since this was the first general cemetery in Melbourne, around 50,000 bodies are buried below the ground, including that of city founder John Batman.

Daylesford Convent

Although sessions of this tour only run twice a month, it would be well worth your while to get amongst the action.

The convent was not only a home for nuns but also functioned as a boarding school, meaning there could be all sorts of ghosts roaming round causing havoc.

These tours cost $45, according to Luke Ryan from Time Out magazine Melbourne. 

Ghost hunting tips and advice

In order to participate on most of these tours, there will be an age limit, so make sure you contact the organiser if you are bringing your children on a scary excursion.

Dinner may well be included also, so make sure you arrive hungry – and prepared for the fright of your life!