Want to go adventuring in the wonderful land of Adelaide with your best friends in tow? You'll find plenty of activities that will make your time away utterly exciting – so get yourself a rental car, pile on in with your travelling gear and you'll be away.

Biking tours

A good way to pack in a number of adventure activities together in one go is with an adventure tour. Adventures Beyond offers a range of tours that will take you to some of the most delightful locations in the country to try some of the most thrilling sports.

You can learn to surf, swim with dolphins and sea lions, go on a biking adventure or meet some great white sharks. The Adelaide Bike and Wildlife Adventure is $120 per person and is a great choice for you and some mates. 

A highlight of this particular tour is that you'll get to journey to the Adelaide Hills and all the way to the top of majestic Mount Lofty. You'll also stop in at Cleland Wildlife Park, which is where native animals such as kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies live.

The cycle trails take you into the heart of the Australian wilderness as well as the suburbs, so you get to see both sides of what makes Adelaide beautiful. Many of these trails are usually closed to cyclists, but because Adventures Beyond has built up a relationship with the councils and park rangers, you'll have the unique experience to bike through these amazing areas.

Kayaking explorations

Take to the sea and kayak on the beautiful and calm seas and lakes. Kayaking is a fun sport as it is, and once you throw in some dolphins and a shipwreck or two, you've got yourself a fittingly fun and amazingly adventurous activity for you and your friends.

The popular tours include the Dolphin and Ships Graveyard Tour and Rapid Bay Sea Caves option. Highlights of the Rapid Bay Caves tour include stunning beaches, cliffs, caves and seals. You'll start at the Fleurieu Peninsula which is about 90km south of the city. You'll get a safety instruction, be outfitted with buoyancy vests and be given a one or two person kayak. 

With staggering cliffs, beautifully clear waters, mysterious caves and thriving marine wildlife, this is an ideal spot to adventure by kayak. It's also to go along with passionate guides who have an extensive knowledge of these areas – they'll undoubtedly pass on some of their love for these areas to you.

This is also an activity that suits people of all ages, levels of fitness and whether you've kayaked before or are totally new to the sport.

Sailing expedition

A sailing expedition in Adelaide is a magnificent experience that will leave you with lasting memories and a renewed appreciation for the power of the sea. 

Temptation Sailing uses a high performance catamaran which was built in Adelaide itself. The boat has been designed to take groups of people, and will slice through the waves and water with ease. Wind will fill the huge sails and you will make your way to where dolphins live and play.

With Temptation Sailing you'll have the opportunity to watch and swim with wild dolphins. In fact, this is the only cruise of it's type, as the tour company was the first to receive a licence to swim and study this amazing creature.

The gulf where the cruise takes place is home to thousands of dolphins, both common and bottlenose, so Temptation Sailing is able to provide the guarantee that you will have the opportunity to see and swim with dolphins. Due to the fact that they are naturally curious, they often come right up to the boat and will interact with you in you get into the water.