Packing a few essentials, throwing on those sunglasses and tuning into some sounds on the car stereo as you head on out for an epic month-long road trip may be one of the greatest adventures  that you can undertake on the great Australian highway. Leaving all your cares and worries behind as you traverse the great expanses of our country is truly one of the most exhilarating feelings imaginable, but what if you just haven't got the time to throw caution to the proverbial wind?

Never fear, as shorter road trips can be just as exciting as their longer counterparts. All you need is a spare weekend or a day or three off work – you can squeeze in far more than you would imagine in this time, even in a country as vast as Australia. The lack of disposable time means that you'll feel an extra edge as you try to cram in as many awesome sights as possible, be they the sky-piercing mountains of the Australian countryside, or the crazy sounds and flashing lights of one [of] Australia's vibrant cities.

Short but sweet

Take South Australia, for example. We at East Coast Car Rentals reckon you can visit much of what the state has to offer if you plan your time correctly. All you'll need to do is jump in your hire vehicle which, if you're in South Australia, can be conveniently picked up in Adelaide or the city's airport. Just be sure to charge your camera's battery to full – it's going to need it!

The Fleurieu Peninsula

Found just 45 minutes outside of Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula offers, in one fell swoop, a snapshot of what South Australia is all about. Not only will you happen across some of the finest coastline that the entire country has to offer, you'll also venture to forests unspoilt by human hands, standing as they have done for centuries, complete with the menagerie of native wildlife that call the woods home.

The Fleurien Peninsula has garnered a reputation as an adventure playground for children and adults alike, with surfing, sky diving, hiking, fishing and cycling all par for the course here – we hope that you aren't afraid of a little fresh air!

Wine and dine

After all of that adrenaline-pumping adventure, you'll probably want to unwind with a glass of the good stuff and a little something to eat. Luckily, the Fleurieu Peninsula finds itself smack-bang in the middle of one of the finest wine regions on the planet, with many well-known labels such as McLaren Vale situated there. What's more, you'll find over 100 cellar doors throughout the area, each offering a taste of their unique take on the terroir. Additionally, many of them will pair your vino with a hearty meal crafted from local produce and game, so you'll be sure to go to bed well fed and watered!

Victor Harbor

If you fancy catching a rare glimpse of our ocean-going friends, make the small city of Victor Harbor your next port of call. Numerous boating tours regularly set sail across the sapphire seas of the area, searching for dolphins, seals and whales as they frolic among the waves.

With your feet back on dry land, wait for the tides to fall away before climbing onboard the horse-drawn tram across a causeway to Granite Island. You'll feel as though you've been transported back to the 19th century as the tram makes its 20 minute journey, and once you've reached the island, be sure to take plenty of photos of this picturesque place. 

Coorong National Park

Before you head back home, be sure to pay a visit to the Coorong National Park. This is among the wettest National Parks we know of in the world, largely covered with a scattering of lagoons, swamps, marshes and wetland.It is best experienced by a boat cruise – and it's utterly beautiful. You'll need to keep your bird​-spotting guide handy, as over 230 of our feathered friends reside here. If you're feeling particularly daring and have a little time to spare, why not get up close and personal by paddling a canoe?

You see? A whole world of adventure in just a couple of days! Where would you plan to go on your short road trip?