Love is the ultimate journey. Oh yeah – we went there. We got real corny real fast. But you know what, love is in fact a journey and right now, if you’re reading this and you’re head over heels in love, we know you don’t disagree.

The good news is that Australia is simply brimming with romantic destinations for you and your (hopefully) soon-to-be-fiance to journey down. Pick one destination to travel to, or make this whole list a romantic road trip for two. At the end of the road trip, you’ll have been down a literal journey of love and will be perfectly placed to pull off one of the most memorable proposals of all time. Truly, your story will trump everyone’s – how did he propose, they will ask. And you then get to launch into an epic story.

Come see what we propose you do for this romantic road trip.

Yarra Valley 

Let’s start this trip off right in wine country! The Yarra Valley has a rich, bold history as it was the first wine growing district in Victoria, established about 180 years ago. There are several wineries in this area that you can hop around all day. Consider joining a tour for the day so you don’t have to drive and you can both have fun. What could be better than strolling through some of Australia’s lush vineyards and enjoying a glass of wine (or two) with your significant other? By the end of the day here you’ll both probably being feeling pretty good, but don’t pop the question just yet! The whole rest of this romantic road trip is ahead of you!

a wine glass on a wine barrell at sunset
Wine country is the perfect place to start your romantic road trip.

Jervis Bay

You have to spend a day on the beach when you’re in the south as well, don’t you? As you start walking along the beautiful beaches and bluffs of Jervis Bay you’ll feel like you’re on a first date again! The coast is teaming with playful dolphins and if you’re there at the right time you might be able to spot a whale tail offshore! There are plenty of activities to do on the bay, like standup paddle boarding, surfing or kayaking. It might feel like the right time to propose when you’re in the middle of the bay and the sun is hitting your partner just right, but resist the urge!


This city is filled with romance, and ample iconic places for you to enjoy exciting activities together. Stroll through the Royal Botanical Garden, past the Opera House all the way up to the Harbour Bridge. Trust us, hiking to the top of the bridge is an absolutely breathtaking experience that will be amazing for you both to experience as a couple. Many people have even popped the question to their S.O. at the top, so to avoid seeming unoriginal, let’s keep the road trip going.

Bondi Beach

Right outside Sydney is the famous Bondi Beach. Once you see the beautiful crystal blue waters that make up Bondi Beach, you’ll easily see why this could be the perfect place to propose. Truly, there is nothing quite like the experience that is Bondi Beach at sunset. Grab a picnic blanket, food for dinner, some champagne and head to the beach for a brilliant show.

We suggest you hold out for the last destination – but make sure you have that ring with you in case the timing is feels right. Even if you have more of the road trip left after this spot, it’ll still be a great journey.

open beach at sydney
Beautiful Bondi Beach will have you wanting to pop the question – but not yet!

The Great Barrier Reef

You’ll find that once you get to the Great Barrier Reef, there are many places of which you’ll feel compelled to propose in, so this is our final stop. But before you drop to a knee just anywhere, assess your options and contain your excitement until you get to the location of your choosing. There are many marvellous ways you can pop the question, but here are our top choices of where we think you should propose:

  • In the sky: Taking a helicopter ride over the reefs is an unforgettable experience already, but pop the question as you gaze over this amazing view and you amplify that to the max.
  • Under the sea: Swimming amongst the sea turtles, fish and colourful coral is a cool, unique way to propose. Just don’t get too excited and lose the ring in the coral!
  • Over the reef: There are tons of romantic dinner cruises that take you to the best parts of the reefs during all times of the day. We suggest a sunset cruise as this will give your proposal an idyllic lighting for when you drop down on one knee.

Make sure your romantic road trip goes without a hitch and grab a rental car from us here at East Coast Car Rental. We’ll hook you up with a sweet ride so you just have to worry about what you’re going to say when you propose! Good luck and have fun.